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Terms & Conditions

Last updated March 9, 2024

By using (“the Site”) or purchasing Wandering Aimfully Unlimited (“the Service”), you’re consenting to the terms outlined below.

“You” and “Us”

In regards to this agreement, “you” can be a person or an organization. You can purchase Wandering Aimfully Unlimited for your own use or for your organization’s use.

What you can’t do is buy the Service and share your access with whomever you want.

The terms “we,” “us” and “our” refer to Really Awesome Company, Inc. The term “the Site” refers to and the term “the Service” refers to the paid Wandering Aimfully membership.

Privacy Policy

If you’d like to check out our privacy policy to find out how we use your info, you can do so by reading our Privacy Policy here.

The Service

Wandering Aimfully Unlimited is a product that currently includes access to private coaching sessions, educational courses and online resources, software products, a private member dashboard, and a community of entrepreneurs. (“Service Content.”)

What you get

Within Wandering Aimfully Unlimited, you get access to the following digital resources at any time:

Note: 🖥 = online course; 📹 = recorded un-boring coaching session or recording of a live workshop; ⚙️ = software product; ✅ = interactive checklist; 🦄 = other – something else fun that you get included that doesn’t fit into one of those three categories!


⚙️ Free membership account on Teachery (for building and selling your own online courses – $49/mo on its own!)
🖥 Build Without Burnout Academy (6-month, weekly lessons to help you transition from working with clients to selling digital products – including audience building, content creation, selling, and soooo much more!)
🦄 WAIM Slack Community: Our private Slack channel where you can mix and mingle with like-minded intentional business owners and feel less alone on your biz journey

🖥 Better Branding Course (24-lesson course on how to create DIY branding based on your personal values and unique business)
📹 Creating Branding That Stands Out (coaching session): Build a brand that highlights your unique differentiators
🖥 How Dare You (a 7-module course with 2 bonus videos where Paul Jarvis and Jason share how to put more of your personality into your brand copywriting, marketing and selling)
🦄 Brand in a Box Bundle (10 unique brand templates and 50 social media graphic designs to use for your next idea)

📹 Mending Your Mindset (coaching session): All the biz advice and tools in the world can’t help you if you’re feeling a mental block is holding you back
📹 Moving Through Overwhelm (coaching session): Ideas and strategies for easing the stress when it all feels like too much
📹 Navigating Big Decisions (coaching session): Tools and steps for tapping into your inner wisdom and confidently moving forward when you’re on the cusp of a big shift
🦄 WAIM PEP 3000 Audio Coaching Robot: Over 200 short audio coaching messages for you to listen to whenever you need a jolt of inspiration or support from (robot) us

📹 Identifying Your Offer (coaching session): Picking what idea to focus on and how to make sure it’s positioned for sales
🖥 Future Finding (a course to help you identify your business breakthrough and how to level up, whether you’re just getting started, have a little experience, or want to go “advanced mode” with your online biz)
📹 Make Money Making (5-module paid workshop turned course giving you specific ways you can monetize your creative talents)
📹 Product to Profit (a 6-module masterclass with three bonus videos teaching you how to come up with, market and make money from an online product)

📹 Building Your Marketing Bridge (coaching session): Demystify marketing and get 13 actionable blueprints to get more clients or customers.
📹 Authentic Email List Building (coaching session): Grow your email list with intention and non-sleazy tactics
📹 Create An Automated Email Course (coaching session): In this tactical session you’ll learn the steps to grow your audience with an email course crafted for your customer
📹 Customer Journey Marketing Plan Workshop (1-hour workshop that you’ll walk away from with a foolproof marketing strategy to attract and acquire more customers)

📹 Building Your Content Strategy Salad (coaching session): Get more eyeballs on your site from your ideal audience with our proven content strategy
📹 Your 6-Month Content Calendar: Finally carve out time to get AHEAD with your content and plan a content calendar you can stick to
📹 Your Instagram Assembly Line (coaching session): Craft an intentional IG strategy and design branded graphics that convert
📹 Using Live Workshops Effectively (coaching session): Build curriculums, live trainings, and webinars that translate into paying customers
📹 Starting A Strategic Podcast (coaching session): How to create a compelling show and how to use a podcast to grow your biz
📹 Podcast Like A Boss (a 7-module-plus-bonus course about podcasting created with the genius bosses behind the Being Boss podcast)

📹 Optimize Your Website For Your Biz Goals (coaching session): Know the changes you need to make to have our website actually work for your biz goals
🦄 Page Layout Library: Pre-designed templates and copy prompts to help you avoid getting stuck designing your home, about, or sales pages
📹 Crack The Case On Compelling Copywriting (coaching session): How to make everything from sales copy to emails to blog posts more gripping
🖥 The Imperfect Writer (8 videos teaching you how to gain confidence in your writing, develop your own voice, and write compelling sales copy to generate more revenue for your business)
📹 SEO Strategy and Google Analytics Workshop (2-hour workshop co-hosted with a WAIMer who’s an SEO expert and creates a WAIM-only Google Analytics dashboard)
📹 Secrets of Squarespace (Caroline’s guided workshop on how to jazz up your Squarespace website and make it feel custom)

📹 Setting Up An Online Course In Teachery (coaching session): Best practices for laying out courses and hacks to customers your courses
📹 Crafting Captivating Curriculums (coaching session): Learn how to organize and present teaching content In a way that captivates your audience
🖥 Your First E-Course (10-lesson course on how to create and sell your first online course)
🖥 EasyCourse (a 30-day course that will give you literally every step you need to build an online course)

📹 How To Embrace Selling (coaching session): How to feel more confident selling the awesome things you create
📹 Selling Without Feeling Sleazy Workshop (90-minute workshop to help you overcome the fear of selling as well as walk you through our proven 7-step strategy for writing sales emails and sales pages)
📹 Sales Launch Start To Finish (coaching session): Learn the ins and outs of a 2-week launch strategy to sell your next product or service using an open and closed launch!
📹 Budgeting For Debt Payoff (coaching session): Learn our philosophies on organizing income flows, saving strategies, and budgeting your expenses to pay off debt
📹 Transparent Talks: Money (a workshop where we share how we paid off $124,000+ in debt, how we manage our money, and what you can learn from our money mistakes)
🖥 How To Get Sponsorships For Anything (a 12-lesson course with 7 bonus videos)
🖥 How To Get Sponsorships For Podcasts (a 6-lesson course with 6 bonus videos)

📹 Productivity & Processes (coaching session): Developing the right conditions and systems to help you thrive and grow
📹 Create A 90-Day Project Plan: Learn systems and processes to take an idea and make it happen
📹 Organizing Life & Business With Notion (coaching session): A beginner’s guide to using Notion and how we organize our life and biz
🦄 Notion Starter Pack: Our step-by-step system for getting your life and biz planned and tracked using Notion
📹 Reflect and Project (two coaching sessions): Learn from what you did last year and starting planning for your next year
📹 Working To Live Workshop (our mantra for life is working to live, not living to work – this workshop breaks down specific exercises we use on a daily/weekly basis)
📹 Digital Declutter (Caroline’s guided workshop on how to tidy up your digital life)

✅ Getting Started With WAIM Roadmap (step-by-step interactive checklist to help you get started with your WAIM Membership)
✅ Get Out of Debt Roadmap (step-by-step interactive checklist to help you get out of debt)
✅ Create An Online Course Roadmap (step-by-step interactive checklist paired with EasyCourse or Your First E-Course to help get your course created and launched)
✅ Create and Launch a Podcast Roadmap (step-by-step interactive checklist paired with Podcast Like A Boss to help get your podcast created, launched, and monetized)
✅ From Client to Product Roadmap (step-by-step interactive checklist to help you transition from client work to generating revenue with products)
✅ Un-Boring Business Roadmap Checklist (step-by-step Notion checklist designed to help you diagnose exactly what to focus on in your business next)

🖥 Better Lettering Course (6-lesson intro course on the art of hand-lettering)
🖥 Acrylic Explorations Course (5-lesson course on how to get started with acrylic painting)
🖥 Draw Your Memories Course (a 30-day intro course for line illustration using prompts from your past)
🖥 iPad Lettering for Beginners (15 step-by-step videos to help you learn hand-lettering on the iPad)

📹 Positioning Your Business To Solve One Specific Problem: Featuring WAIMer Becky D.
📹 Building Out Client Runway When You’re Transitioning From Clients To Digital Products: Featuring WAIMer Claire P.
📹 Getting More Clients For A New Services Business: Featuring WAIMer Etinosa U.
📹 Simplifying A Digital Product Business With Multiple Audiences: Featuring WAIMer Sarah F.
📹 Going All In On Instagram And Coming Up With A Criteria For When To Hire: Featuring WAIMer Krista A.
📹 Creating A Cohesive Logo And Bringing Two Juxtaposed Tones to Your Branding: Featuring WAIMer Katy-Rose B.

📹 Our Entrepreneurial Journeys (coaching session): Step into the Zooks Time Machine and learn about how we got started, the inflection points that propelled us and our most pivotal lessons
📹 Using Surveys To Better Serve Your Customers (coaching session): 4 highly actionable ways to survey your audience and improve your content, marketing and product experience!
📹 Masterfully Managing Memberships (coaching session): How to setup, manage and grow a membership community AND figure out if a membership community is right for you!
📹 Project Lab #1 & #2 (coaching session): We walk you through our PEW(A)T process for project planning and you can witness us plan in real time with you
🖥 Finish Your Damn Book (a 10-lesson course to take you from zero to published author)
🦄 Creativity For Sale (Jason’s first book about his entrepreneurial journey)
🦄 One Week To Profit (a 7-day, step-by-step digital guide to help you make more money with your business)
📹 Connecting With Your Core (Caroline’s e-guide sharing her framework for tapping into your intuition and unlocking your values so you can carve out your own vibrant path)
📹 Transparent Talks: Minimalism (a workshop about our journey into Minimalism and how we’ve applied it to our lives and businesses and you can too)


The Site and Service contain intellectual property (stuff we made) owned by Really Awesome Company, Inc., including trademarks, copyrights, proprietary information, and other intellectual property.

Our copyrighted and original materials are provided to you as part of the Service for your individual use only and a single-user license. All intellectual property, including our copyrighted materials shall remain the sole property of Really Awesome Company, Inc. No license to sell or distribute our materials is granted or implied.

You may not modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, create derivative works from, distribute, display, reproduce or perform, or in any way exploit in any format whatsoever any of the Site or Service Content or intellectual property, in whole or in part, without our prior written consent.

This includes but is not limited to sharing material with others who have not paid for the Service, posting excerpts of material on any social media, blogging about the material, or in any other way that would reasonably appear to share the Site or Service’s information with a non-member. We reserve the right to immediately remove you from the Service, without refund, if you are caught violating this intellectual property policy.


The purchase price for Wandering Aimfully Unlimited is $100 per month for 28 months, $140 per month for 20 months, or $400 per month for 7 months, a total of $2,800. All purchases must be made by credit card using Stripe’s payment processing service or PayPal’s payment processing service. (Note: By making this purchase, you also agree to both Stripe and PayPal’s user agreement.)

In the event that your subscription payment fails, you will lose access to the Service until the balance is paid in full.

Wandering Aimfully Unlimited “Lifetime” Terms

In marketing materials, when we refer to receiving “whatever we create in the future” or the lifetime access you receive with Wandering Aimfully Unlimited, we are referring specifically to the online educational resources within the Service and not unlimited access to us as human beings.

For the duration of this agreement, we shall maintain the website and all the websites necessary to provide you access to our work.

We’re just two people so we can’t guarantee that our sites will be up 100% of the time or that your access might not be limited due to power outages, acts of deities, tornadoes of fire, alien invasions, or any other forces that are outside of our control. We will take reasonable steps to maintain these websites and correct problems as they occur.

All of our products and websites are provided as-is and with no guarantees of merchantability.

When we create a new work, you will be notified in three ways:

  • We will post an announcement in the Wandering Aimfully Licensees Slack Community
  • We will send an email to the Wandering Aimfully Licensees List
  • We will post an update on the Wandering Aimfully Licensees Dashboard

This only applies to future works where we are the sole author/creator. When a work has more than one author, our co-authors will have to agree to make the work available to you under this Service. This applies only to non-commissioned works; it does not apply to projects we are commissioned to create for a client. This does not apply to physical goods.

Access to our future work does NOT include anything involving our children, earnings, or personal information. We reserve the right to decide what work is or is NOT part of the Service at any time.

Should we ever need to remove access to Wandering Aimfully or any of the materials in it listed above (in WHAT YOU GET section), or close Wandering Aimfully down entirely (website, email list, Slack, et al), we will give 365 days notice to the Wandering Aimfully Licensees Slack Community, Wandering Aimfully Licensees Email List, and the Wandering Aimfully Licensees Dashboard.

Community Guidelines

By accessing the Site and the Service, you agree to comply with these community guidelines (“Community Guidelines”) and that:

You will comply with all applicable laws in your use of the Site and will not use the Site for any unlawful purpose;

You will not upload, post, email, transmit, or otherwise make available any content on the Site, our community Slack channel or our social media accounts (@wanderingaimfully, @jasondoesstuff, @ckelso) either publicly or privately that:

  • infringes any copyright, trademark, right of publicity, or other proprietary rights of any person or entity; or is defamatory, libelous, indecent, obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit, invasive of another’s privacy, promotes violence, contains hate speech (i.e., speech that attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and/or sexual orientation/gender identity); or speech that could cause emotional harm to fellow community members on the basis of race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and/or sexual orientation/gender identity); or
    discloses any sensitive information about another person, including that person’s email address, postal address, phone number, credit card information, or any similar information.
  • You will not “stalk,” threaten, or otherwise harass another person;
  • You will not spam or use the Site to engage in any commercial activities;
  • You will not access or use the Site to collect any market research for a competing business;
  • You will not impersonate any person or entity or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity;
  • You will not interfere with or attempt to interrupt the proper operation of the Site through the use of any virus, device, information collection or transmission mechanism, software or routine, or access or attempt to gain access to any data, files, or passwords related to the Site through hacking, password or data mining, or any other means;
  • You will not use any robot, spider, scraper, or other automated means to access the Site for any purpose without our express written permission; provided, however, we grant the operators of public search engines permission to use spiders to copy materials from the public portions of the Site for the sole purpose of and solely to the extent necessary for creating publicly-available searchable indices of the materials, but not caches or archives of such materials;
  • You will not take any action that imposes or may impose (in our sole discretion) an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our technical infrastructure; and
  • You will let us know about inappropriate content of which you become aware. If you find something that violates our Community Guidelines, please let us know, and we’ll review it.

We reserve the right, in our sole and absolute discretion, to deny you access to the Site, or any portion of the Site, without notice, and to remove any content that does not adhere to these Community Guidelines.

Cancellation and Refunds

If you cancel the Service before the end of your current paid-up month, you will retain access to the products within the Service until the end of your payment period and then you will not be charged again.

Should something come up (ex: unforeseen medical issue, loss of work, family emergency, etc) and you absolutely need a refund for the payment of your current month ONLY, we will not hold your money hostage. But if a refund is processed, you will lose access to all materials related to the Service and we reserve the right to reject your ability to purchase the Service in the future.

We reserve the right to cancel and/or refund your purchase/subscription if you are shown to be in breach of our Community Guidelines.

Updates to these terms

We may at any time amend these Terms and Conditions. Such amendments are effective immediately upon notice to you by us posting the new Terms and Conditions on this Site. Any use of the Site or Service by you after being notified means you accept these amendments. We will post the most recent versions to the Site and list the effective dates on the pages of our Terms and Conditions.

Updates to the Service and Prices

We reserve the right at any time to make changes and updates to the Service Content and the offerings within the Service.

If any changes to the price of the Service are made by us, you will receive at least 30 days notice.

Really Awesome Company, Inc. shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.

Violation of Terms

If we learn that you’ve allowed someone unauthorized access to our works, you agree to face the following penalties:

  1. The Service will be terminated and you will lose your access to the Wandering Aimfully Membership for eternity (until the Apocalypse), and
  2. You must make a $2,800 donation to the charity of our choosing at that time (which must be verified).

All other disputes related to this agreement shall be resolved in a court located in San Diego County, California. By purchasing the Service, you consent and submit to this jurisdiction. This agreement shall be governed by California law.

By purchasing the Service, you agree that if there’s a dispute you may only bring a claim on behalf of yourself, and no class action lawsuits. You also agree that the maximum amount you can collect from a dispute is a refund in the amount of your total payment for the Service.

If a court of competent jurisdiction finds any part of this agreement to be invalid, the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.


Questions, comments, concerns, feedback, and glowing accolades are always welcome. Please contact us.


That’s it! This agreement contains all the terms of the licensing contract between us. If something is not in this agreement, it was left out on purpose.