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You Just Came From Medium, Can We Send You Awesome Stuff?

Why yes, I know you’re coming from Medium. How, you ask? Because I made this page specifically for you. Rather than sending you to some generic page open to the public, I wanted to create something just for folks who’ve read my Medium articles.

If you enjoyed the article you just read, I strongly believe you’ll enjoying signing up for Wandering Weekly, a newsletter I write with my wife..

Don’t need anymore information about it? Ready to join? Scroll to the bottom of this page and you’ll see the signup form. Enter your email address, and boom, you’re done. It really is that easy.

Need a bit more convincing of why you should sign up for my weekly newsletter?

Here are four reasons why you should join Wandering Weekly:

1. We genuinely care about our email subscribers.

We’re not just some online marketing “gurus” trying to rack up a buttload of email addresses so we can spam them with our next set of e-books or get-rich-quick DVDs. When we send you an email each Monday, it’s coming directly from us. If you reply to the email, we’ll respond back. Wandering Weekly is a two-way street, and one that we keep in tip-top shape.

2. I just wrote the word “buttload.” 

If you’re into that kind of thing (not butts, but nonsensical writing), then I think you’ll enjoy subscribing. If I just offended you, now would be a good time to close this page and go back to reading stories on Medium.

3. Every project we launch goes through Wandering Weekly first.

Want to know when my next book is coming out? How about a heads up the next time my wife and I launch a free online course? (Our last one had 500 students sign up in 24 hours.) We launch about one project per month and we pour our heart and soul into them. If you aren’t interested, just ignore that email. We promise not to deluge your inbox with follow-ups about it.

4. I want you to unsubscribe from Wandering Weekly.

Don’t like the emails you’re getting? Hit the unsubscribe button. We won’t chase you down, and we’ll be happy to see you go. We used to be afraid of people leaving my email list, but now we encourage it.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably interested in joining Wandering Weekly. Scroll drown and sign up. If you don’t see the signup form you can go to this fancy page. Thank you for the opportunity to take up space in your precious email inbox. I will not take that for granted.

👫 Jason (and Caroline) Zook