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Wandering Aimfully through

Wandering Aimfully is a membership community for independent creatives who want to forge their own paths and define success on their own terms. Around these parts, we embrace experimentation AND intention in business so that we can do the work that leads to a meaningful, satisfying life.
Hey, we're Jason and Caroline-a husband and wife creative duo who believe in working to live, rather than just living to work. We’re the crazy kids that started this community.
Jason Zook

I’m Jason—a rebellious serial entrepreneur obsessed with doing things differently. I’m the action-taking, full-speed-ahead part of this equation.

We believe we’re better together.
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I’m Caroline—an intuition-focused artist obsessed with helping people live as their truest, most authentic selves. I’m the heart-centered, hold-your-horses-for-just-a-second part of this equation.

Caroline Zook
So what does it mean to WANDER AIMFULLY?
To be open to possibilities while remaining rooted in your values.
To embrace experimentation AND intention.
To embody both curiosity AND commitment.
Here at Wandering Aimfully, we allow ourselves to wander and evolve, but we always press forward with a goal and purpose in mind.
We’d love to help you if
you're an independent creative who wants to earn more so you can live more.
You love to learn. You love trying new things. You’re not afraid to take (some) chances because you know you’ll grow and improve as a person.
You don’t believe in overnight success. You understand that doing the work is necessary. You’re willing to do what it takes (with balance!) to achieve your dreams and goals.
You wear white after Labor Day. You know guacamole costs extra. You aren’t ashamed to admit that you never saw the movie Goonies. “Weird” is not a bad word for you.
Now you just need a little boost to make your business profitable and sustainable.
(Because hey, money might not equal happiness, but it can mean FREEDOM.)
We Make Stuff For You
Making things is our jam! Except for actual jam, we don’t make that (yet). We love writing, making videos, experimenting with outside-the-box ideas, and teaching everything we know. If that sounds good to you, you’re in the right place!


Each week we record a discussion about a topic we've wandered aimfully through. You can watch the HD video version or subscribe to our show on your podcast player of choice.

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From taking action, to ethically growing an audience, to dealing with anxiety, we wander aimfully through a myriad of topics with our words.

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Similar to our articles, except we crank things up to 11! We’ve created our ultimate resource on a given topic, sharing everything we’ve learned.

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You're not lacking in ideas. Or passion. What you actually need is just a little
and support.