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JasonDoesStuff now lives under Wandering Aimfully!

Hey there! Jason here.

From 2013 to 2018 my “virtual man-cave” (aka website) was housed at I chose that incredibly savvy domain name because it was the clearest way I could think to describe myself.

Nowadays I run this website and community with my wife (Wandering Aimfully). Feel free to learn more about us here or find out what I’m up to right now!

Are you completely confused and have no idea what JasonDoesStuff or Wandering Aimfully are? That’s okay! Sometimes life can be confusing. I’m here for you (virtually) if you need me. Cool? Cool. #hugs

Jason Does Stuff was about encouraging people to take more action in their lives and businesses.


Is JasonDoesStuff gone forever?? Yep! I’ve joined forces with my wife… we’re one of those crazy married couples that also runs a business together.😱

Have no fear though! If you enjoyed an article that previously lived on the JasonDoesStuff site you can find it here on Wandering Aimfully (and it was probably improved!). Head on over to our Articles page and search to your heart’s content. You can also scroll a bit further to see my three most recent articles…


Do It Differently

My second book is under way! I’ve signed with Running Press to bring the second chapter of my entrepreneurial story to life. The working title of the book is “Do It Differently” but that may change. Are you scratching your head on why the book seems to already exist? Read more on that by clicking the big blue button.

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More fun stuff you might be interested in:

A short mini-doc about me 👍🏻

One day while checking my email an award-winning storytelling company asked if they could include me in a series called “The Remarkable Ones.” Uhhh… whut?? I’m not sure I belong alongside the other folks in the series, but I had a blast and love sharing this video.

I did a TEDx talk! (Again!) 🗣

I’ve had the privilege of doing two TEDx Talks now (read: TEDx, not TED… they are very different, no matter what the Internet gurus may lead you to believe). Nonetheless, public speaking used to be something I did often but I’ve since retired from it indefinitely.

Come hang out over on Instagram! I’m @jasondoesstuff!