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Do It Differently, The Story of Jason Zook’s Second Book

This page is going to tell the full story of the journey of Jason Zook’s second book which has a current working title of: Do It Differently.

Soon, you’ll be able to read about…

  • Writing the first draft publicly for everyone to read 😱
  • Getting the first editorial pass done ✍🏻
  • Deciding to go for a traditional book deal in a weird way 🤔
  • Caroline edis the book again and creates the temporary book cover 🎨
  • Creatind and launching the Dear Book Publisher website 🚀
  • Landing a book agent from ^ 💪🏼
  • Getting a traditional book deal from Running Press! 🎉
  • And currently working with an editor to finalize the manuscript, title, release date 😬

Check back soon for updates!