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How To Deal With Feedback and Criticism

Episode 033

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Around these parts, we believe feedback is dangerous and can almost literally kick you in the face, Chuck Norris style! We all struggle to deal with feedback and criticism so we decided to share tips we’ve learned over the years.

One of the tips we’ll spoil for you: It’s SO IMPORTANT to realize who you are getting feedback from and IF you should take that’s person’s feedback. While we all love our friends and family, often times their feedback isn’t warranted and shouldn’t be taken to heart (especially related to business feedback or criticism where they don’t have firsthand experience).

The rest of our tips about feedback? You’ll have to watch or listen for those!

Also, if you want a fun drinking game: Take a drink every time we say “Chakespear” in this episode. 😂🍻🍸

QUESTION FOR YOU: What have you received feedback on lately that may have affected you in a negative way more than it should have? (Feel free to comment with your answer on YouTube).


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How To Deal With Feedback and Criticism

(Big Fat Takeaway)

We all struggle to deal with feedback and criticism so we decided to share a handful of tips we've learned over the years.

How To Deal With Feedback and Criticism

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