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Hand-lettering is a creative practice that quite literally changed my life. It was the real beginning of my own process of self-discovery where I began to see myself as an artist. I spent years posting my hand-lettered art on Instagram, selling prints and originals of my pieces, and even publishing a creative journal with Chronicle Books filled with my hand-lettered quotes!

None of those projects, however, quite compares to the deep joy and fulfillment I received from seeing thousands of students unlock their own creativity inside my courses, Better Lettering Course and iPad Lettering.

Better Lettering Course was also the very first online course I made and sold, which transformed my life by showing me I could earn a living selling digital products. (If you want to learn more about running your own digital products business, that's actually what I do full-time now with my husband, Jason! We run Wandering Aimfully—this website you're on now—which is an un-boring coaching program that teaches you how to build a thriving online business without sacrificing your well-being in the process.)

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