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Your brightest, most satisfying life rests in figuring out who you are and what you want—and acting on those truths in all that you do

Your Brightest Life is a guided creative journal designed to introduce you to yourself and discover how you can bring more YOU to your life.

Published by: Chronicle Books

Brightest Life

Your Brightest Life Journal is now available!

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Peek inside the book!

Your Brightest Life Journal takes you through SEVEN key steps on the journey to discovering the most vibrant version of you!

Here's a bit of what you can expect inside each section...

#1: Personal Essays

To give you some context for how I picked up the wisdom throughout this journal, each section begins with a personal story from my own journey to finding my brightest life.

#2: Free Write Pages

You'll find plenty of blank, lined pages with open-ended prompts and questions that will help you think critically about your own life.

#3: Creative Exercises

Sometimes writing isn't enough for getting to the bottom of your own feelings. Bust open those markers, pencils or paints and use these creative exercises to uncover insights about yourself but in an artistic and unconventional way.

#4: Hand-lettered Art

Finally, throughout the journal you'll find colorful nuggets of wisdom in the form of hand-lettered art pieces, providing colorful reminders of simple lessons for living well. Tear them out and hang them up as beacons of brightness where you live, play and work!

Dive deeper: Here's a peek inside Section One: Self-Awareness...



"Find out who you really are."

In order to live a more colorful, vibrant life, you first have to get honest about who you are and what you care about. The exercises in this first section are focused on introducing you to your deepest inner self and all the things that make you unique.

It’s important you recognize your natural strengths and gifts, your inner values, and your unique combination of talents, personality traits, qualities, and passions so you can confidently move toward a life and career that feels best suited to your core potential!

Hey there! Caroline here.

I'm a curious and sensitive soul who spends my days as an artist, a writer, and a business owner (co-running an online community with my husband.) I'm most passionate about helping humans connect with their most authentic selves.

I wrote this book because I know what it feels like to find yourself down a path that doesn't feel right for you. To be in a job that drains you, to live in a place that bores you, to want to create things but lacking the confidence to make it happen. Once I started listening to my intuition, the life I really wanted for myself became clear and I was able to make changes to correct my course toward a life that allows my core self to shine.

I believe the world is a better, more beautiful place when we all show up as our truest, most vibrant selves.

This is what it means to pursue your brightest life. To share your gifts—even if you're not quite sure what they are yet. To answer the call of our own hearts—even when we have to make big changes to do so. To make the things we uniquely are pulled to make—even if we're scared. To carve our own paths—regardless of what the world tells us we should do.

I truly hope this book brings you closer to your own brightest life!