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All the available WAIM Assist spots for this enrollment period have now been filled. Stay tuned to our email list for details about when we'll be offering WAIM Assist again!

The WAIM Assist program was started in order to make WAIM Unlimited coaching program accessible to entrepreneurs who might be financially under-resourced or at an economic disadvantage as a result of an inequitable society.

⚠️ Important: Please read the entire page before proceeding to checkout with one of these WAIM Assist spots! Thank you! 🙏

This program is based on an honor system. We don’t believe in making you “prove” to us your financial status and we certainly are in no position to validate your state of need. We believe in the integrity of our audience and only YOU know whether you fit the criteria outlined on this page.

This is also why we aren’t requiring that you submit an application for one of these spots. It just doesn’t feel right to make people “compete” for these spots, and we don’t want to make you rehash to us the ways our various societal systems may have left you down.

Instead, these five spots will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. By submitting, you are agreeing that you meet our most basic requirement: that you have started your business and have at least one paid product or service for sale. (See "requirements" section below for more on that.)

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Why we started the WAIM Assist program

To put it simply, we live in an unfair society where opportunity is NOT equal for all people. Oftentimes, those who have financial privilege and means will have access to resources that will only put them at a greater advantage in life.

We believe EVERY PERSON deserves a life that feels satisfying, safe, and financially secure, and we believe an intentional online business can be the tool to achieve that kind of life. (This is our deeper WHY behind starting Wandering Aimfully in the first place.) That’s why we want our WAIM Unlimited program to be available to a handful of entrepreneurs who may not have the financial means to pay the $2,000 at this moment.


Who the (five) WAIM Assist spots are reserved for

The five WAIM Assist spots are intended for business owners who may be struggling to meet their basic needs and who would be significantly financially overextended by joining WAIM Unlimited at the regular price. If this describes you, you may be currently unemployed, underemployed, or struggling to get by financially.

These are just a few examples of who might fit into this category:

  • You belong to a marginalized group that has been economically disenfranchised
  • COVID has had a significant impact on your financial status
  • You have a chronic illness, disability, or health condition that has limited your ability to work and generate income
  • You or your business have been affected by war or conflicts in your region
  • You have left an abusive relationship or family and are getting your feet back underneath you

Again, it is NOT a requirement that you fit into the limited descriptions we just listed—they are merely examples for you. Only you know your unique background, circumstances and challenges, so again we look to you to best identify if you feel you're under-resourced or at an economic disadvantage.

In considering whether the above describes your unique situation, we also ask that you please consider the fullness of your wealth status and any existing financial privilege you may have aside from the money you have on hand at the moment. This includes less visible assets like generational wealth, privilege, and access to support.


Eligibility criteria

We only have one simple condition to meet in order to be eligible for a WAIM Assist spot:

We ask that you already have a business started with at least one paid offer or service available for purchase.

The reason for this requirement is because over the years we have gotten a much better idea of who we can best help as business coaches, and that is people who have already started a business. Much of our coaching sessions are on topics that are best suited for business owners who have already moved past the beginner stages of how to start a business, how to create a website, and how to craft an offer. We want you to be able to take full advantage of what you learn inside WAIM Unlimited, and we also want you to feel you can relate to the other business owners inside the community.


Other things you should know

If you decide to claim a WAIM Assist spot, please know that you will NOT be named or identified within our community in any way as being one of the five WAIM Assist recipients. This is intentional because we want you to know that as soon as you join, you are a member of our WAIM family just like anyone else and we want every member of the community to treat you as such.

Perhaps you’re also wondering: why only five spots? This is the first time we’re offering the WAIM Assist program, but we hope to offer more spots in future enrollment periods. We know finances and financial accessibility can often be a delicate subject and we want to proceed cautiously with the utmost care so we can make sure this program follows through on its intended purpose: to make WAIM Unlimited more accessible.

As soon as the five spots are claimed during this enrollment period, the redemption code will no longer work and all five spots will be filled.

Please also know that if ultimately you decide you’d like to leave one of these spots available for someone else and pay our full price, it’s the revenue we make from the full-price option that allows us to offer these five spots (and hopefully more in the future). The predictable nature of that revenue is also what allows us to pay for accessibility resources like captioning and transcripts for our live coaching sessions.

Ready to move forward? Instructions on how to claim a WAIM Assist spot.

  • When you head to our checkout page, scroll down to the promo code section before doing anything else
  • Enter the code “waimassist” which will reduce your payment plan to $0
  • Enter your details and finish the registration process!

That’s it. You should receive your welcome email shortly thereafter welcoming you to WAIM!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.