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WAIM Unlimited is the perfect option for you if your goal is to do ANY of the following in the next year:

Start a podcast

Podcasting is exploding right now and it’s a great way to connect with an audience AND bring attention back to your business. If you've been itching to start a podcast and share your perspective with the world (or use a podcast to grow your biz), we have two courses and an interactive roadmap in our Vault that will help you: Podcast Like A Boss and How To Get Sponsorships for Podcasts.

Create & sell a signature online course

If you are looking to stop trading time for money and transition to digital products, specifically online courses, we have EVERYTHING you need to make that move. Not only do you get our course platform included with WAIM Unlimited (which means you make as many courses as you want for FREE) but you also get our cornerstone 6-month program walking you through exactly how to plan, produce, market, and sell your course without burning out in the process!

Rebrand your business or redesign your website

Do you feel like your website isn’t fully communicating what your business has to offer? Or maybe you simply haven’t updated your website in years because you’ve been in the “business trenches” for far too long? Our Better Branding Course gives you actionable tactics to help you CLEARLY define who you are talking to, what you are trying to sell to them, and how they can get value from you and your business. Also, if your website could use a design re-vamp, our Thicket Squarespace template will help your site get the update it so drastically needs.

When you purchase our WAIM Unlimited option, you get:

⚙️ Unlimited free use of our course platform, Teachery

If you’re thinking about creating online courses, Teachery is going to be worth the price of WAIM Unlimited by itself! Normally this course software would cost you $49 per month but you get it INCLUDED with WAIM Unlimited and you’ll never pay for it again.


💻 Access to our custom Wandering Aimfully dashboard

We built a custom WAIM Unlimited dashboard to give you a thoughtful and easy-to-use experience as you work through our Vault of products, roadmaps, and workshops. You can set a goal, search every article we've written and find other members! Get ready to add notes and save your favorite WAIM stuff all in this one convenient place. Watch the video below to check it out!


Access to 30+ courses/workshops inside "the vault"

🗄 Check out every course and workshop that you have forever access to inside The Vault

(ps - the images below link directly to the products when you're a WAIM Unlimited member)


WAIM Unlimited Also Comes With

🏋️‍♀️ Our monthly coaching package included

We’re your un-boring business coaches! Every month we deliver an action- and value-packed LIVE 2-hour coaching session where you’ll walk away with clarity, motivation, impactful action items for your business, and we promise you’ll have some fun in the process.

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But the best part is...

♾ You get EVERYTHING we create in the future!

We plan on creating for years to come and when you purchase WAIM Unlimited, we’re promising to continue to give you awesome stuff way beyond the time you stop paying us (once you hit $2,000 total paid). And we aren’t kidding! In 10 years we’ll still be delivering awesome stuff to you and you won’t be paying a single dollar for it.

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