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Before we drop you off in your brand spanking new member dashboard, would you like to take the grand tour?

Everything Included In WAIM Unlimited

The idea behind the Wandering Aimfully (WAIM) Unlimited is to give you access to a slew of helpful resources, products, software, as well as our Un-Boring Monthly Biz Coaching AND our amazing community of creative entrepreneurs.

After extensive testing the past few years, we think we’ve hit a solid (lifetime) price for a wealth of information that will help you make your money back (and then some!)

The great thing about WAIM Unlimited is that whenever we create something new, you’ll get it at no extra cost. Join WAIM Unlimited, pay a total of $2,000 and you’re done paying us… FOREVER! And yes, you continue to get to use Teachery ongoing, at zero extra cost too!

Here’s the list of everything you get immediate access to when you join:

Our Online Courses

1. How To Get Sponsorships For Anything (a 12-lesson course with 7 bonus videos)
2. How To Get Sponsorships For Podcasts (a 6-lesson course with 6 bonus videos)
3. Finish Your Damn Book (a 10-lesson course to take you from zero to published author)
4. Product to Profit (a 6-module masterclass with three bonus videos teaching you how to come up with, market and make money from an online product)
5. Podcast Like A Boss (a 7-module-plus-bonus course about podcasting created with the genius bosses behind the Being Boss podcast)
6. How Dare You (a 7-module course with 2 bonus videos where Paul Jarvis and Jason share how to put more of your personality into your brand copywriting, marketing and selling)
7. EasyCourse (a 30-day course that will give you literally every step you need to build an online course)
8. Make Money Making (5-module paid workshop turned course giving you specific ways you can monetize your creative talents)
9. Better Branding Course (24-lesson course on how to create DIY branding based on your personal values and unique business)
10. Better Lettering Course (6-lesson intro course on the art of hand-lettering)
11. Your First E-Course (10-lesson course on how to create and sell your first online course)
12. Acrylic Explorations Course (5-lesson course on how to get started with acrylic painting)
13. Draw Your Memories Course (a 30-day intro course for line illustration using prompts from your past)
14. iPad Lettering for Beginners (15 step-by-step videos to help you learn hand-lettering on the iPad)
15. The Imperfect Writer (8 videos teaching you how to gain confidence in your writing, develop your own voice, and write compelling sales copy to generate more revenue for your business)
16. CORNERSTONE PRODUCT: Build Without Burnout Academy (6-month, weekly lessons to help you transition from working with clients to selling digital products – including audience building, content creation, selling, and soooo much more!)

Included Software Products

17. CORNERSTONE PRODUCT: Free membership account on Teachery (for building and selling your own online courses – $49/mo on its own!)

Books, In-Depth Guides, and Our Interactive Roadmaps

18. Getting Started With WAIM Roadmap (step-by-step interactive checklist to help you get started with your WAIM Membership)
19. Get Out of Debt Roadmap (step-by-step interactive checklist to help you get out of debt)
20. Create An Online Course Roadmap (step-by-step interactive checklist paired with EasyCourse or Your First E-Course to help get your course created and launched)
21. Create and Launch a Podcast Roadmap (step-by-step interactive checklist paired with Podcast Like A Boss to help get your podcast created, launched, and monetized)
22. From Client to Product Roadmap (step-by-step interactive checklist to help you transition from client work to generating revenue with products)
23. Creativity For Sale (Jason’s first book about his entrepreneurial journey)
24. One Week To Profit (a 7-day, step-by-step digital guide to help you make more money with your business)
25. Connecting With Your Core (Caroline’s e-guide sharing her framework for tapping into your intuition and unlocking your values so you can carve out your own vibrant path)
26. Digital Declutter (Caroline’s guided workshop on how to tidy up your digital life)
27. Secrets of Squarespace (Caroline’s guided workshop on how to jazz up your Squarespace website and make it feel custom)

Also Included…

28. Selling Without Feeling Sleazy Workshop (90-minute workshop to help you overcome the fear of selling as well as walk you through our proven 7-step strategy for writing sales emails and sales pages)
29. Customer Journey Marketing Plan Workshop (1-hour workshop that you’ll walk away from with a foolproof marketing strategy to attract and acquire more customers)
30. SEO Strategy and Google Analytics Workshop (2-hour workshop co-hosted with a WAIMer who’s an SEO expert and creates a WAIM-only Google Analytics dashboard)
31. Transparent Talks: Minimalism (a workshop about our journey into Minimalism and how we’ve applied it to our lives and businesses and you can too)
32. Transparent Talks: Money (a workshop where we share how we paid off $124,000+ in debt, how we manage our money, and what you can learn from our money mistakes)
33. Working To Live Workshop (our mantra for life is working to live, not living to work – this workshop breaks down specific exercises we use on a daily/weekly basis)
34. Future Finding Series (a workshop to help you find your business breakthrough, whether you’re just getting started, have a little experience, or want to go “advanced mode” with your online biz)
35. 14 Previous Video Calls with Members
36. CORNERSTONE PRODUCT: Access to the Wandering Aimfully Community Slack Channel
37. Direct Access to Us (to talk about your goals, struggles, or anything else)

And Don’t Forget Our Un-Boring Coaching Sessions!

38. Building Your Marketing Bridge: Demystify marketing and get 13 actionable blueprints to get more clients or customers.
39. Become A Website Optimization Wizard: Know the changes you need to make to have our website actually work for your biz goals
40. Reflect and Project for 2020 (December session): Learn from what you did in 2019, do a digital declutter, and get ready for an amazing 2020
41. Develop Your Content Strategy: More eyeballs on your site from your ideal audience
42. Instagram For Maximum Impact and Minimal FOMO: Craft an intentional IG strategy & design branded graphics that convert

It’s near impossible to put a dollar value on everything that’s included in WAIM Unlimited, but at this point it’s easily worth over $10,000. With WAIM Unlimited, you can get everything for just $200 per month and then stop paying for everything once you hit $2,000 total invested.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, watch the walk-through video of our completely custom WAIM Dashboard that we built from scratch to give you the best experience possible with WAIM Unlimited: