What Can You Accomplish in the Next Two Years?

Wandering Aimfully Through Productivity

What Can You Accomplish in the Next Two Years?

Instead of letting another two years pass you by, let’s reframe all the possibilities that are sitting right in front of you that you can grab hold of.
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Jason Zook

We’ve all had that feeling in life when we realized a year or two has gone by in a blink of an eye. We reflect on everything we could have done in that time, and regret not doing more.

Let me help you avoid that feeling. This article is the anti-overnight success business plan. In fact, it’s not even really a business plan at all. It’s merely a way to show you what’s possible in the next 730 days.

If you’re starting a new business (or growing an existing one)…

If you’re a writer of any kind…

*The average book is 50,000 words long, this would be six fully written books!
**If you share your articles/newsletters weekly, that’s four years of weekly content.

If you’re looking to get more things done…

*Even if 99% of the ideas you write down are absolute crap, 1% is still 73 good ideas.

No matter what you’re doing or working on, you have 730 chances to get out of bed every day and make your dreams come true.

What will you do with the next two years?

What Can You Accomplish in the Next Two Years?

(Big Fat Takeaway)

In the next two years you have 730 chances to get out of bed and make your dreams come true.


This article written by

Jason Zook

Co-head-hancho of this Wandering Aimfully thing. I used to wear t-shirts for a living, now I just wear them because I'm not a nudist. You can usually find me baking vegan biscuits, watching Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, or reading Calvin & Hobbes comics. Also, I miss my GeoCities website that was dedicated to Dragon Ball Z.

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Wandering Aimfully Through Productivity

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