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Make Lasting Change By Turning Off Autopilot

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Make Lasting Change By Turning Off Autopilot

It’s impossible to make a lasting change when we’re operating on autopilot.

Whether it’s something as small as a habit that we want to get rid of, an old limiting belief that we need to confront, or even something much more dire like depression or suicidal thoughts (something that a handful of people at any given one of his events is struggling with), our patterns act like an endless cycle of emotional cement that keeps us stuck where we are.

In order to break free of that cement, we have to break those patterns. In order to break those patterns, we have to change our state.

“It’s impossible to make a lasting change when we’re operating on autopilot.”

How many times have you experienced a perspective shift because of a trip you took or an immersive experience you had? The time away from the comfort of your patterns and routines can facilitate that.

I started thinking about just how many aspects of life can sometimes start to feel like they’re on autopilot.

Don’t get me wrong, habits and routines are immensely helpful when they make a positive impact on our daily lives. We can use our mind’s autopilot function to our benefit by programming it to do all sorts of helpful things (work out, meditate, tidy up, etc.)

BUT we also need to be aware of which automated behaviors are keeping us stuck in our ways and preventing us from evolving into better, brighter versions of ourselves.

Our autopilot culture is actually where we need to place our skepticism. We need to question WHY we settle for certain things or why we accept certain stories that we tell ourselves.

We need to snap ourselves out of the way things have always been so that we can awaken ourselves to the way things COULD be.

I challenge you to turn off autopilot.

Pick three aspects of your life that you are feeling numb to or limited by, and then find a way to break the normal cycle of your routine.

It could be relationships, work, health, finances, hobbies, parenting, spirituality, your home, etc.

Let’s break whatever patterns are holding us back and start living life fully in control. Let’s de-hypnotize ourselves and wake up to possibility.

Make Lasting Change By Turning Off Autopilot

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This article written by

Caroline Zook

Artist, designer + writer passionate about helping soulful creatives grow into their brightest selves. Lover of bright colors + even brighter people! One half of the crazy duo running these parts!

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