The Tools and Resources We Use and Love

Wandering Aimfully Through Productivity

The Tools and Resources We Use and Love

When it comes to the best productivity tools, cloud storage providers, software programs, desk items, travel essentials, and more, these are our must-haves!
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Welcome to our Wandering Aimfully tools and resources page 👋

As our online businesses evolve, the tools that run them tend to evolve as well. We try to keep the list below as up-to-date as possible.

We’re always on the lookout for awesome new tools, apps, products, services, etc, so feel free to pass those along if you have any recommendations!

We use every single product or service you see below and a handful of them have affiliate links. You pay the same amount if you click those links and we get a few bucks that Jason can spend on donuts. Yay donuts! 🍩 🥳

Shout out to our friend’s at Lasso who made this page super-easy to create and update!



Front As online biz owners we live in our email inboxes but always found it hard to share emails back and forth easily. Front solved that problem and it makes using email a breeze for a small company! Front $9/month (and free trial) Airtable Part spreadsheet, part database, and entirely flexible, we use Airtable to organize our expenses, content calendars, project to-dos, and more! Airtable Free to start! Dropbox We're a divided household when it comes to cloud storage services. Jason uses Dropbox, mostly because of the Smart Sync feature which allows you to store files in the cloud and NOT have them take up space on your computer (genius!) Dropbox $11.99/month for 2TB Google Drive We mentioned we're a divided household when it comes to cloud storage... Caroline uses Google Drive and loves the fact that her files are connected to all her Google Docs and Sheets (plus it's easy to share and upload quickly). Google Drive First 15GB free! We love sending our customers things in the mail but we also have random packages we need to ship now and again. Going to the post office (or any shipping store) is THE WORST and it's why we use and love! Free for 4 weeks!

Core Business Stuff

Drip If you need a POWERFUL email provider that allows you to do complex workflows, automations, and add lots of custom data to your email subscribers, Drip is for you (it's what we use). Drip 2-week free trial! read our review Restrict Content Pro Restrict Content Pro runs our entire Wandering Aimfully membership, from charging customers, to managing what content they can see on our site and a whole lot more! It's incredibly powerful and the best WP plugin for memberships. Restrict Content Pro Starts at $99/year Flywheel We looooooooove Flywheel for our WordPress website hosting. Most WP hosting providers have the ugliest dashboards and terrible customer service... NOT Flywheel! We happily pay them for their awesome product. Flywheel Starts at $23/month Teachery Alrighty, we admit this one is shameless since Jason created Teachery, but ALL of our online courses exist because of Teachery. If you want a super-friendly and easy-to-use online course platform, Teachery is for you! Teachery 2-week free trial! ConvertKit We currently use Drip for email, BUT, for almost everyone that asks us which email provider they should use we recommend ConvertKit. It's way simpler, always improving, and run by a solid group of people. ConvertKit 14-day free trial! Read our review Simplecast There are quite a few podcast hosting and management options these days but we really enjoy the simplicity and friendliness of Simplecast. Plus, they make migrating from a previous podcast easy! Simplecast 2-week free trial! Gumroad For many years we've enjoyed how simple Gumroad makes it to sell a product via a fixed price, recurring payment OR pay-what-you-want. You can sell anything in minutes using Gumroad. Gumroad Free to start! Zapier When we want to do some fun automations we immediately turn to Zapier. For example, this is how someone can buy something from us, then get tagged in our email provider, get an email sequence, and be updated in an Airtable. Zapier 2-week free trial! Crowdcast For years we've been hosting live video workshops and webinars and we've tried many platforms. Crowdcast has continued to be our favorite due to the user-friendly setup and fantastic customer support. Crowdcast 2-week free trial! Churnbuster One the hardest things to deal with if you have recurring charges (like membership subscriptions OR payment plans) is failed payments. Churnbuster is a wonderfully elegant solution to dealing with failed payments and reducing churn. Churnbuster Starts at $10/month

Credit Cards

AMEX Platinum Delta SkyMiles This is the card we use for all our business expenses. We chose this card because we *used* to fly Delta a ton and accruing miles was helpful. While we don't fly Delta much anymore, we still enjoy the card so we haven't switched. AMEX Platinum Delta SkyMiles View card details Chase Sapphire Preferred After this card was recommended time and time again we finally looked into it and realized how great the perks actually are. We even saved 20% on a tropical vacation a few years ago booking through Chase Travel. This is our personal card. Chase Sapphire Preferred View card details Simple Card Here's a little life/business hack for you! We use our Simple card ONLY as an external bank account where one of our online course revenue gets sent. Each year we have "found money" in it when we empty the account on Dec 31. Fun, huh? Simple Card View card details Slide Wallet Originally backed on Kickstarter many moons ago, Jason loves the eco-friendliness of this wallet and its super-slim form factor. It's made from recycled cork, denim and holds up to 15 cards. Slide Wallet buy for $38

Camera Gear

Sony Alpha a6400 We recently upgraded our video recording setup after hearing all the rave reviews for the Sony a6400 mirrorless camera. It shoots in beautiful 4K footage, is incredibly compact, and has the mandatory flip-up screen. Sony Alpha a6400 Buy Now from Amazon Sony 35mm f/1.8 Lens For those crispy "talking head" videos we film a lot of we wanted a lens that gave some solid depth of field but didn't break the bank. With built-in stabilization, this lens is also perfect for b-roll footage while on the go. Sony 35mm f/1.8 Lens Buy Now from Amazon Manfrotto Compact Tripod You'd probably be shocked to find out we shoot 98% of our video on a tripod that costs less than $75 😱 but we do! We own two of these Manfrotto tripods and they're the perfect size. Manfrotto Compact Tripod Buy Now from Amazon Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod This tiny, adorable little tripod is perfect for holding our Tascam Audio Recorder or an external monitor when we're recording videos. It's also just the right size if we want to record video on our desk with our phones! Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod Buy Now from Amazon Tascam Audio Recorder Whether we're recording a podcast episode, a video for our YouTube channel, or putting together video lessons for a course, it all gets recorded through this Tascam audio recorder (XLR cable plugs into our Seinheiser boom mic). Tascam Audio Recorder Buy Now from Amazon Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Mic Quality audio can make or break a video (or podcast) and we invested in a solid shotgun mic at the recommendation of our super-smart friend Caleb Wojcik. We use this mic mounted on a boom arm and plugged into the Tascam audio recorder. Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Mic Buy Now from Amazon Manfrotto Boom Stand When we first bought this mic boom stand we thought it was way overkill. A couple years later, we were 100% wrong. This boom stand is a game-changer! Very easy to set up and break down and helps get our shotgun mic in just the right spot. Manfrotto Boom Stand Buy Now from Amazon MusicBed Finding good music for videos, courses, podcast episodes, and other stuff can be a ROYAL PAIN. We've tried a few music licensing services and we love MusicBed the most. The platform is really well designed and the music is really solid. MusicBed First month free! SanDisk 128GB SD Card It's crazy how much more space SD Cards can hold these days. While there are 256GB cards, we already owned and loved a few of the 128GB cards so we've continued to use them with zero issues. SanDisk 128GB SD Card Buy Now from Amazon Honsky SD Card Holder This is one of those really cheap camera accessories that you didn't know you needed until you bought one. We used to keep SD Cards in their individual plastic cases and we'd inevitably lose them. Not anymore! Honsky SD Card Holder Buy Now from Amazon Camera Case and Package Cube We searched far and wide for a camera case that would double as a packing cube. This versatile case is perfect for storing in a cabinet at home or shoving in our Minaal bags while traveling. Camera Case and Package Cube Buy Now from Amazon Rubber Twist Ties Another one of those not-so-sexy items but OH-SO-USEFUL! Whether we're using these to neatly wrap up XLR and USB cables or we want to secure something temporarily, these are simple, effective, and cheap. Rubber Twist Ties Buy Now from Amazon

Desk Items

15″ Macbook Pro We're an Apple family around here! We both use 15" MacBook Pro laptops with retina displays. These laptops are absolute beasts and we couldn't create all the content we do without them! 15″ Macbook Pro Buy Now from Amazon Our Review Apple AirPods When Apple's AirPods first came out we were pretty skeptical (their wired earbuds are pretty terrible). But boy-oh-boy are AirPods a GAME-CHANGER! These are a must-have in our household. Apple AirPods Buy Now from Amazon Gather Gather is the minimal desk organizer every creative person needs. A beautiful and thoughtful system for organizing all the little things on your desk you use every day. Highly recommend Gather 👍👍 Gather Starts at $149 Our Unboxing IKEA BEKANT Standing Desk What would a list of desk items be without the actual desk itself? Jason has been using the IKEA BEKANT motorized standing desk since 2015. Unlike most IKEA products, this desk has survived four moves with no issues! IKEA BEKANT Standing Desk Buy Now from Amazon Panobook Notebook There are millions of notebook options but we really enjoy the craftsmanship behind the Panobook. It's a dot-grid notebook so for all you line-notebook fans out there, just know that. But we love the unique shape and overall quality. Panobook Notebook $19 each Rode SmartLav+ Mic You cannot beat the bang for the buck on this simple lavalier microphone. Whether it's recording some quick voiceover stuff or even using this for an interview, the SmartLav+ is our go-to audio recording mic on our desk. Rode SmartLav+ Mic Buy Now from Amazon Waxed Canvas Dopp Kit "Where do all the random cords go on your desk??" Great question! We both have a dopp kit on our desks that holds all the silly dongles, headphone cords, and random USB cables needed to power all the things. Waxed Canvas Dopp Kit Buy Now from Amazon Western Digital 8TB External Hard Drive While cloud storage is our jam (hence having Dropbox and Google Drive accounts) there's no replacing a physical back-up. The 8TB drive from Western Digital isn't the fastest but it's great for the price! Western Digital 8TB External Hard Drive Buy Now from Amazon


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The Tools and Resources We Use and Love

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The tools and resources that run Wandering Aimfully, a business co-owned and managed by Caroline and Jason Zook.


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Co-head-hancho of this Wandering Aimfully thing. I used to wear t-shirts for a living, now I just wear them because I'm not a nudist. You can usually find me baking vegan biscuits, watching Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, or reading Calvin & Hobbes comics. Also, I miss my GeoCities website that was dedicated to Dragon Ball Z.

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