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Our latest Squarespace Template Kit.

5 unique design variations in ONE.

Start-to-finish website template for your business.

Will only be sold this ONCE (never again!)

What if I told you it's possible to have a COMPLETED, professional, custom-looking website in one weekend, for less than $500?

Trust us, it’s totally possible and our Thicket Squarespace Template Kit is your ticket to that reality.

We help aspiring online entrepreneurs for a living, so we know that the #1 thing that causes people to stall finally launching their business or promoting their idea is their lack of confidence with their website.

  • “It doesn’t feel polished enough.”
  • “I have no idea what content to add, or how to lay it out, or what copy to write for each page.”
  • “I don’t have the technical skills I need to make my site functional.”

None of these excuses are going to hold you back any longer because Squarespace provides and easy-to-use drag and drop platform to start publishing content TODAY…and with our template kit you can have a beautiful, professional and memorable design up and running in one weekend.

This is your ticket to saving time and money, and FINALLY getting your website where you know it needs to be in order to accomplish your business goals.

Thicket Preview
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What's Included?

This template kit comes with:


Complete Squarespace design with seven fully-designed pages: Home, Services, Product Landing Page, Portfolio, About, Blog, & Contact.


In-depth Installation Guide with videos that take you step-by-step through building the design on your site AND show you how/where to update with your unique content and graphics.


Easy to edit design files for every graphic you see on the site in Photoshop and Adobe XD. (You can download either free for a 30-day trial!)


FOUR different “Remix Recipes” showing you how you can make three simple tweaks to completely re-skin the site in a different brand style theme


Tutorial videos on how to apply your own branding to the website design if you have custom brand fonts, colors and graphics already.


Complete Content Guide on exactly how to customize the copy on the site to suit your biz. (If you've ever struggled to write compelling copy, this will make it a cinch!)

Buy it with Bumpsale!

Wait a second...bump what?

The price of the template starts at just $35, but increases by $1 with every purchase.

The price of the template increases by $1 with every purchase.

This type of pricing is a fun thing Jason came up with in 2008 called “Bumpsale.” It creates a bit of fun when buying something, and rewards you for taking action as soon as you’re ready to buy. The earlier you buy, the lower the price you'll pay.

When the Thicket Template Kit launches on August 26th, the price will start at just $35 (heck of a steal!) but it will increase with $1 with every purchase. That's why we encourage you to get on the pre-launch email list to get reminded!

The Thicket Template Kit launched on August 26th, at a starting price of just $35. Thicket will never be sold again after August 30, so get it before it's gone.


Similar template kits are sold for up to $399 and don’t include everything we’re offering!

Three ways to use it!

Ways To Use Thicket
Use the design as-is

No need to change a thing! The design of this site is styled to be neutral-yet-memorable. It’s colorful without being too bold, and has unique geometric details that make it feel thoughtful and branded without being overly stylistic.

Ways To Use Thicket Remixes
Remix it, baby!

Want to switch up the vibe that you see in the template? No problem—we have FOUR style alternatives to choose from: Bold + Adventurous; Feminine + Warm; Earthy + Calm; and Creative + Funky. We show you how to change just one font, three colors and a few graphics to achieve a completely different look! SHOW ME HOW >

Ways To Use Thicket Customize
Customize with your brand

Do you already have brand colors and fonts that you love? Hey, that’s cool! We walk you through how you can apply those brand elements to the design to make it completely customizable to you!

Check out our remix recipes

Get five designs in ONE!

Van Life Squarespace Template
Remix #1: Adventurous & Bold

This remix is perfect for travel-related brands, adventure photographers, travel vloggers and van lifers.

Van Life Squarespace Template
Wedding Industry Squarespace Template
Remix #2: Feminine + Warm

This remix is perfect for female-focused brands, wedding professionals, and lifestyle bloggers.

Wedding Industry Squarespace Template
Retail Squarespace Template
Remix #3: Earthy & Calm

This style remix is perfect for fresh brands, small businesses, or retail shops with a modern, organic vibe.

Retail Squarespace Template
Artist Squarespace Template
Remix #4: Creative + Funky

This style remix is for the playful, quirky and artistic types. It's perfect for artists, writers or designers.

Artist Squarespace Template

What happens after I buy?

Here's how you get your design. *Please note: Your installation guide will be delivered on Sept. 2nd!*

We want to make ABSOLUTELY sure that the installation is as easy and user-friendly as possible so we'll need a few extra days after you buy to make sure it's up to snuff. You'll get ALL your goods sent to you on September 2nd and that's when you can start assembling your new design!

You Get Your Goods

On September 2nd, you'll get an email with a download link to get all your design files and instructions on how to access our online Installation Guide.

Follow The Videos

Next, you follow the step-by-step video tutorials showing you everything you need to do in order to put together this exact site on your own. Add each page we tell you to with our explicit content blocks, upload the images we provide, and you'll be good to go.

Customize Your Design

Once you have the design recreated, you can get to work customizing! Use one of our remix recipes (more videos to show you exactly how to implement those) or add your brand colors/fonts. Then replace the template copy using our Content Guide.


Launch your brand new site to your audience and revel in the fact that you now have a custom-looking site that you snagged at a fraction of the cost. No more half-done website shame holding you back from your big dreams!

Don't want to DIY it? You can purchase our Installation Upgrade for $200.

Caroline will recreate the site for you exactly as you see it on the demo (in whichever remix recipe style you prefer) and you don't have to do a thing! She'll deliver it back to you and you can start customizing it with your content and photos.

Note: We’ll recreate the demo design for you (on a fresh Squarespace site or on an existing site you own) BUT keep in mind we’re only installing the demo content. It’s still up to you to replace the demo content with your own copy and replace the images with your own custom images.

If this template was IKEA furniture, it’s like you’re hiring us to put it together, but NOT to put your stuff in it or add custom hardware or put it where you want it in your house. This will still save you hours though so it’s worth considering if you’re not super familiar with Squarespace or you’re short on time!

Made for marketers!

This design is not just a pretty face! Each page is optimized for functionality, so your site doesn't just look pretty but it converts too!

Squarespace template for marketers

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