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Success Story: Rachel Shillcock

“Within 4 months of joining Wandering Aimfully, I launched the beta round of my first live branding program that brought in £1200 ($1,500) which was about 10x what I’ve ever previously got from ‘launching’ courses. I also saved $2,000 annually by going through the Build Without Burnout expenses exercises (which is saving almost double what it costs me for my membership).”

WAIM Member Rachel Shillcock

Wandering Aimfully (WAIM) Unlimited has helped me see that I’m not on my own.

I’ve been running my own business for over 6.5 years, and honestly, I’ve never found a community that I felt that I could fit into for being ME. What I adore about WAIM Unlimited, and specifically about the community that Caroline + Jason have created, is that you are celebrated for being different and for being you—whatever that looks like.

Wandering Aimfully has also taught me to let GO of perfectionism—to keep taking action and to simply DO IT whether I feel ready or not.

One of the things I’ve struggled with the most in my business is having ALLTHEIDEAS but never making any real progress because I’d do a little bit on one idea, then move on to the next. Within 6 months of joining WAIM Unlimited, I had launched the beta of my first live branding program and ran that over an 8-week period with 4 incredible women who were so invested in the process. I’m sure I would NEVER have done that without WAIM!

WAIM has also taught me about creating a better life + work blend. In my 6.5+ years of business, I have burned out badly twice from stress, overwork, and complications from my chronic illness and fatigue, landing myself in the hospital both times. I vowed to make a difference in my life, but had NO idea how to do so.

When I joined WAIM Unlimited in May 2018, I finally started to figure out a way to change things for the better, and to make a real difference in my life AND my business. I know that’s also as a direct result of the way that Caroline + Jason both reject the hustle-hustle-hustle mindset of constantly doing more, and teach us about how to refine + curate both our life and business in a way that works for us. I love how WAIM encourages me to carve my own path, which is something I try to teach to my branding clients but have always struggled to follow myself.

More than anything though, I am so grateful to both Jason + Caroline for the way they show up, vulnerably, transparently, honestly – and encourage us all to do the same.

The courses are great, Build Without Burnout is incredible, the calls are fantastic—but more than that, I have learned so much from them both simply by getting to spend time around them and in the community they’ve built. WAIM is a real testament to the incredible nature, kindness, and dedication that Jason + Caroline pour into us. I feel so incredibly grateful to have two people—and a whole community— behind me at all times, who want nothing more than for me to succeed at growing my business.


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