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Success Story: Brendan Hufford

“In 2019 I made 300% of what I was making in 2016 as an assistant principal before I joined Wandering Aimfully (WAIM) Unlimited. This year I launched my first serious course in an attempt to keep building without burnout.

WAIM Member Brendan Hufford

I was 10+ years into a teaching career, with five years invested in two side hustles with the hope they would become full-time sustainable businesses. I realized I couldn’t keep doing any of those jobs anymore because I felt trapped, overwhelmed, and unsure of what to do next.

Becoming a Wandering Aimfully Lifetime Member helped alleviate my fears, gave me direction, and helped me push through it and take action.

I’m a big believer in buying people’s time. After listening to an interview with Jason on a podcast hosted by Matt Giovanisci, I asked Jason to be a guest on my podcast. I did some pre-interview research on Jason, then while talking with him on the podcast, I bought a Wandering Aimfully Lifetime Membership LIVE while we recorded the interview. Having access to Jason’s experience, the products inside Wandering Aimfully (the courses, Teachery, etc.,) and networking with the community were all well worth the investment.

How has WAIM Unlimited helped me financially? Here are the exact income figures I can tie to what I’ve learned with Wandering Aimfully:

  • 2017 side income – $36,047
  • 2018 side income – $58,777
  • 2019 side income – $105,000

In 2019 I made 300% of what I was making in 2016 as an assistant principal!

Triple your total income in 3 years? Not bad.

Community is what you make of it. I looked up people in the WAIM community who were doing what I was doing or wanted to be doing and messaged all of them. I asked a ton of questions and was given decades worth of learning in a couple of calls and emails. That was really valuable.

Silo communities (communities built around one product, course, etc) can be helpful when you’re rallying around one thing, but after a while it kind of loses its luster. As opposed to Wandering Aimfully, it’s very layered. More people come in every time it’s launched and it just adds to the richness, value and diversity of the community.

When you join Wandering Aimfully you know you’re investing in yourself and in Caroline and Jason. WAIM Unlimited isn’t cheap, so you’re getting involved in a community that’s very invested in their future. There’s no spam, no pretenses, a lot of honesty and answers to questions. Building trusted relationships inside the WAIM community allow for people to become the go-to person for certain things, leading to potential clients, projects and collaborations. Anybody I emailed about anything was totally cool and responsive to talk.

If you are hesitating to become a WAIM Unlimited Member and not sure about the value and return, don’t be. I’ve taken several $300 – $500 courses and they’ve paled in comparison to what you get from Jason and Caroline!

If you have the money and you’re just worried if you’re going to get value? It’s 100% worth it. It’s a no brainer. If you’re an action taker, you’ll get your money back. I’m still getting an insane amount of value out of WAIM and know I will continue to benefit for many years to come.


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