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This is great news! With just a bit more attention to your profit margin and money mindset, you have a huge opportunity to raise your business bottom line! 🤑

You are enthusiastic and detail-oriented but too often you find yourself lacking the confidence to charge what you’re worth or you end up spending too much time on projects that bring only a small financial return.

Your greatest opportunity for growth is in rethinking your pricing, learning to sell more confidently and developing systems to evaluate the ROI of your time.

You can turn this blindspot into a huge opportunity to improve your business.
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Key Characteristics of a Penny Producer:

Do these traits accurately describe you?

  • You love helping people & making things that bring them value 🤝
  • Sometimes you have a tendency to get wrapped up in the details of a project and spend a lot of time on a project, regardless of its revenue potential ⏰
  • You often question your prices and wonder if people will pay what you want to charge 😬
  • Selling makes you feel a bit queasy and uncomfortable 🥴

Ps. If you're like...Whoa, whoa, this isn't sounding like me at ALL, no probs! Check out the other results here and pick the one that suits you most. You're a complex human after all!

The #1 Thing To Remember As A Penny Producer:

It’s amazing that your motivation is so pure and comes from a place of just wanting to make great things, but it’s also important to remember that if you want your business to be sustainable, the financials have to make sense. That doesn’t make you just means you want to earn a living doing what you love.

As a Penny Producer, you have to remember that what you offer is valuable. Price your services or products accordingly and don’t sell yourself short.

By learning to estimate your profit before you start a project, and by becoming more confident in what you charge, you can fuel your business with the revenue it deserves so you can keep creating and keep pursuing your mission.

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Three Strategies to 🚀 Boost Your Revenue as a Penny Producer:

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1. Reverse-engineer your pricing.

Do you know how much money it takes for you to maintain your lifestyle AND make a profit in your business? If not, this should be the first number you calculate. You won’t know how to price your products/services strategically unless you first set a financial target to aim for. Once you know this number, do the math on how many clients or how many products you can realistically reach with the amount of time or the size of audience you have. Then work backward on what you need to charge to make that amount.

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2. Give yourself permission to sell.

We get it, selling isn’t the most comfortable thing for most people. But it is an integral part of running a business. If you really believe in the things you’re creating, then you can just see selling as your way of introducing something great into the lives of people who will appreciate it. Remember, don't sell yourself short! You have something valuable to offer and someone out there wants to pay you for it. Go out there and find them!

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3. Evaluate if the juice is worth the squeeze.

This might be the hardest but most valuable strategy for you to implement. You need a process for evaluating whether an idea is worth pursuing. Before you begin each project, do a quick input/output exercise to compare how much time and effort you’ll be pouring in and how much financial return you’ll get out. If you’re spending all month working on something that brings you $500, then you know it won’t be sustainable in the long-run and your time is better spent on something else.

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