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The key to having the life you really want is to stop trying to fit in.

The key to having the life you really want is to stop trying to fit in.

why should you


Do you find yourself frustrated from trying to follow someone else's blueprint for success?

Tired of all the "shoulds" that guide your life? Want to create a life full of meaning? Work on your own terms? See the world a little differently? Then it's time to Own Your Weird.

Double down on what makes you unique! Own Your Weird will help improve your:

Man with fiddle fig leaf

Succeeding in business doesn’t look like a straight line, it looks like a treasure map. There are twists, turns, curves, and possibly even angry pirates you’ll need to defeat. I’ll help you navigate the treasure map of business!


Talking about money is never fun. Most of us deal with debt at some point in our lives and many of us feel ashamed and embarrassed by it. I share every mistake I’ve made when it comes to money and how we paid off $124,094 in debt in less than two years.


Creating a life you truly enjoy is about challenging societal norms and defining YOUR core values. You don’t have to live a weird life like me but you absolutely should take time to discover what matters to you and what brings you joy.


A few years ago I started noticing toxic friendships and decided it was time to remove those negative people from my life. I’m excited for YOU to examine the relationships in your life and make sure you’re surrounding yourself with the right people.

“This is a must-read for anyone who wants a business that supports their life, not a life that exists solely to support their business.”

Paul Jarvis, Author of Company of One

"A unique and candid perspective on channeling our quirks into valuable assets that gives us the confidence to be ourselves and fulfill our lives’ missions."

Ryan Nicodemus, Co-Creator of

"...A must-read in today's world where most people are consciously (and subconsciously) trying to please others and live a life that really isn't going to make them happy."

Pat Flynn, Founder of and best-selling author of Will It Fly?

Even this book had a WEIRD journey to becoming a reality...


Nov 2016

One evening at dinner with my wife I blurted out I was ready to start writing my second book and that I wanted to do it live for anyone to watch around the world.


Dec 2016

Three weeks later the website was born. I wrote the first draft for Own Your Weird publicly in 14 days. Over 10,000 people from 20+ countries tuned in.


Mar 2017

I hired a structural editor (Hi Lizzie!) to go through my not-so-great first draft and to help craft my stories and experiences into something worth reading.


Sep 2017

My (amazing) wife Caroline went through the second draft of Own Your Weird and I was on track to self-publish it in early 2018. But…


Apr 2018

I woke up one day with yet another weird idea and created the website where I asked agents or publishers to reach out about my next book.


May 2018

An awesome literary agent (Hi Leila!) contacted me after seeing the DearBookPublisher site. After a few phone calls, she became my book agent.


Jun 2018

Officially received the offer from Running Press to publish Own Your Weird! WAHOO! We started a new round of book edits until completing the manuscript in late 2018.


Sept 2019

Own Your Weird is RELEASED!!! After nearly a 3-year adventure, my second book has come to life and I couldn't be happier with how its weird journey turned out.

Now if you thought THAT was weird, hold on to your balloons.

it gets weirder.

Hey, I'm the author of this book,

(Whoa that rhymes.)

I'm an unconventional entrepreneur but you probably already gathered that. Tired of living a life that felt prescribed to me by society, I used my out-of-the-box thinking and ingenuity to create multiple profitable Internet-based businesses.

My most-notable business was IWearYourShirt, a company that generated over $1,200,000 by wearing sponsored t-shirts to promote over 1,600 businesses on social media from 2008-2013 before "influencer" was a mainstream term. If that wasn't weird enough, from 2012 and 2013, I auctioned off my last name to the highest bidders and made nearly $100,000 doing it (donning the names: Jason Headsetsdotcom & Jason SurfrApp).

My first book was self-published and titled Creativity For Sale. In it, I shared the beginning of my entrepreneurial story and gave practical advice for any creative professional looking to turn their passions into profit. My second book, Own Your Weird picks up where my first book left off and was published by Running Press.

I've been featured by The Today Show, CBS Evening News, USA Today, and The New York Times. I currently live in San Diego, California with my wife, Caroline, and our Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Plaxico (the dog). We co-own the business Wandering Aimfully which helps creative business owners navigate the murky waters of working for yourself and staying sane in the process.

Studious Jason Zook Own Your Weird

I made over $1.2 Million dollars wearing t-shirts.

I sold my last name twice, netting nearly $100,000.

I made $75,000 with my first book by selling sponsorships on the pages in the book.

Most recently, I sold my future, which generated over $500k in total revenue.

I also messed up a ton along the way!

I'm clearly no stranger to all things weird.

Own Your Weird is the permission slip you need to take that big risk. To finally chase down that big idea. And to let go of "supposed to" thoughts. See how life opens up when you break out of the blueprint.

"...A must-read in today's world where most people are consciously (and subconsciously) trying to please others and live a life that really isn't going to make them happy."

Pat Flynn, Founder of and Best Selling Author of Will It Fly?


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Want to book an interview with Jason?

Please contact Tracey Daniels at Media Masters for bookings. Also, feel free to download (ZIP file) the press kit which contains a PDF and 10+ high-res photos.


After September 10 you'll find interviews I've done about Own Your Weird here!

Are you a member of the press looking for photos
and info about the book?

Want to interview me about Own Your Weird? Please contact Tracey Daniels at Media Masters for bookings.

The download button (ZIP file) contains a PDF and 10+ high-res photos of the book.


Want to buy a handful of copies of Own Your Weird to give out to your clients, employees, or use as gifts for your friends/family/customers?? Well shucks, that’s neat! Here’s the breakdown of bonus goodies I’m offering if you purchase bulk orders of the book.

To redeem your bulk order bonus, simply purchase a bulk order using your favorite book retailer (buttons below) and then email me a copy of your receipt. That’s it!

NOTE: Bulk order bonus goodies are ONLY available during the pre-order (before September 10!)

10-24 Books

$11 book
    I’ll hand-draw you a pig cartoon and mail it to you! Am I are cartoonist? Nope! But sounds weird and who doesn’t love getting actual mail??

25-99 Books

$11 book
    We can hop on a 60-minute, 1-on-1 call to chat about your existing (or next) weird business idea and I’ll help you brainstorm marketing ideas!

100+ Books

$11 book
    You’ll get a Wandering Aimfully LIFETIME Membership! This includes lifetime access to 30+ courses, workshops, and an online course software I created called Teachery. You’ll never pay another dollar and get any new product, course, etc I create in the future!

Oh, hello there!


I'm a 3-year old Gloucestershire pig (pronounced: gloss-teh-sure). If you’re fancy about it, my official breed type  is “Gloucestershire Old Spots.” 🐷🧐

When I was just a young piglet growing up on a sprawling farm in Stamford, England, I had BIG dreams of flying one day.

I used to root around my pen with my brothers and sisters constantly jumping on top of them and trying to achieve my dreams of flight by flapping my hooves and whipping my curly tail wildly in the air. As you can imagine, I was made fun of quite a bit for my audacious goal of being the first pig to actually take to the skies.

A few years passed and I resigned myself to believing I’d never reach my big dream of flying. I fell in line with all my pig-friends-and-family and felt like I’d live the standard, uneventful life of a farm pig.

Then, one magical morning, a miracle happened! My human-dad (us pigs, we have human-parents and obviously pig-parents) surprised me with a bunch of colorful floating round objects I’d never seen before 🎈🎈🎈. I’d later learn these were called “balloons” but the name didn’t matter… What mattered is those colorful orbs did the unthinkable!

With a secure (and humane) system for attaching the balloons to my back, I felt a feeling I’d only ever imagined. Slowly but surely the ground I’d been so accustomed to standing on started to inch away from my hooves. As I watched my friends and family shrink in size I felt the wind in my hair like I’d never felt before. I. Was. FLYING! 

I now travel the world, inspiring animals of all shapes and sizes that they, too, can achieve their wildest dreams and that they don’t have to fit into the standard box society or their friends and family put them in.

Portia The Pig

random pig fact:

The term “sweating like a pig” is actually incorrect as pigs do NOT have sweat glands and therefore do not sweat. Pigs cooldown by wallowing in mud or cool water.

Did you learn something new? Well then, share that fun pig factoid and this book with a friend…