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Caroline Zook


  1. Hey person reading this, can you tell my wife she STILL needs to update her /now page items (send her a tweet! @ckelso. Hehe. 🤣)


  • What have you enjoyed Caroline???? WE ALL WANT TO KNOW!?!
Jason Zook


  1. We're doing our FINAL 2020 enrollment of our Un-Boring Group Coaching program. There are two pretty rad bonuses included with seven previous coaching sessions. If you're looking for a solid plan of action and some accountability to help you hit your online biz goals for the remainder of the year, check it out 😉.
  2. Dealing with COVID-19 like everyone else. We've decided to record a weekly video/podcast episode with how we're working during these uncertain times. 🎥 Watch or listen to The Uncertain Times, Ep 1.
  3. Recently distracted myself by creating a Tools & Resources page. My favorite section is the ☕️ stuff, obviously.
  4. We recently opened up our 7-Day Guide to Building an Online Course. It's 100% free and public, no email signup required at all. If creating a mini-online course makes sense for your biz right now, give Make500 a looksie and we hope it helps 🙏.


  • WATCH: We binged the first season of Restaurants on the Edge (Netflix) in one sitting. They just released a second season and it's great! Such a fun show, especially if you love biz makeovers and FOOOOOD.
  • WATCH PT 2: A friend told me about the You Suck At Cooking YouTube channel and I think I've consumed 75% of the 5 year's worth of videos. It's. SO. GREAT. 😂
  • BOOKS: I thoroughly enjoyed the 2-book series from Douglas E. Richards Wired and Amped (Wired book #2). At the urging of many people after I started getting into baking sourdough (like everyone else), the book Sourdough: A Novel by Robin Sloan was as good as advertised. Super fun and unique read!