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Caroline Zook


  1. We're taking it easy in 2021. If 2020 showed us anything it's that taking care of our mental health, avoiding the trappings of "growth at all costs," and learning how to be better allies for our fellow humans has never been more important.
Jason Zook


  • Currently on a summer sabbatical! We're taking a break from creating content until August 2nd and enjoying our summer.
  • My main focus in work right now is supporting our customers for WAIM Unlimited and Teachery.


  • The Survivors by Nathan Hystad. I loooove to read science fiction before bed and this 6-book series has been really great.
  • Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline. Almost everyone and their mother has consumed Ready Player One (movie or book). I thoroughly enjoyed this long-awaited sequel!


  • OTHERtone Podcast by Pharrell Williams. I'm not a huge follower of culture or what's hot and trending but I love Pharrell's outlook on life. He and his co-hosts Scott and Fam-Lay conduct interviews with creative people I've rarely head of.
  • Beau Miles' YouTube Channel. Beau is such an interesting storyteller and I found one of his videos recommended by YouTube (Junk Cabin Build). Well done, YouTube. You nailed that rec.
  • Warrior on Amazon Prime. I finished Season 2 and I'm hopeful Amazon will pick it up for a third season (like they did with The Expanse). Such a well-done show, especially if you're a fan of the elusive genre combo of martial arts and history.
  • Virtuosity on Amazon Prime. The year is 1995 and Denzel Washington and Russel Crowe team up for this "futuristic" thriller. Just a GEM of a movie. (Also available on other streaming services.)


  • We completed our final Magic Puzzle and we are so sad we don't have any more to put together. They are so well-designed, unique, AND have a fun twist to them!
  • Tetris 99 on Nintendo Switch. We went through a long phase of Mario 35 but now we're obsessed with trying to defeat 98 other people around the world at a game of Tetris.