The Wandering Aimfully Membership.

The essential membership community for independent creatives who want to earn more so they can live more.

You’ve purchased other products, but none of them have felt in alignment with who you are and the goals you have for YOUR life and business. That’s where we’re different. We don’t believe in “leveling up” just because and we DO believe everyone can run a business they truly enjoy.

Does this sound like you?

You want to earn a sustainable income AND design a life that you truly love.

One that doesn't follow the traditional paths laid out for you; one that you craft based on your own values.

Intro Dashboard

You want to set your own schedule. Worry less about money. Take a week vacation without the fear of things falling apart or bills not getting paid. You want to share your message and your gifts with people who will actually appreciate them. An audience that GETS you.

The Wandering Aimfully Membership can help get you there.

We help you learn, build and connect by offering ongoing training, powerful software tools and a like-minded creative community—all included within one monthly subscription.

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And just who in the heck are we?

We’re Jason and Caroline Zook.

We're on a mission to help independent creatives stop living to work and start working to LIVE.

We’ve spent a combined 15 years building businesses of all sizes and kinds, and we love sharing the REAL hard-won lessons we’ve learned with people like you.

How The Membership Works

30 spots open for one week only every month.

Why? Because we like giving a hands-on experience to our members. We want a community with just enough people that sustains itself but doesn’t feel intimidating or overwhelming to be part of.

Step 1

You become a Wandering Aimfully Member!

Step 2

You start customizing your member dashboard with roadmaps, courses and more.

Step 3

You join our Slack community and start chatting with fellow members.

Step 4

You get access to exclusive workshops and new courses every month as we create them!

Built to help you accomplish your goals

Search our library of courses, articles, tools and more, and save your faves to your custom home screen.

Psst... click below to watch a demo of our member dashboard!


We designed our custom member dashboard from scratch to make it easier for you to find the resources you need and actually apply them to your life and business. Every course, tool, article and roadmap in one library—just search and save your favorites to your home screen for easy access.

What you’ll get

These are the exact resources we’ve used and needed to run our creative businesses over the years. You get access to our entire knowledge-base and you get direct access to us!

  • 30+ courses, workshops, and books
  • 4 software products
  • 5 interactive roadmaps
  • Private slack with 400+ members
  • New resources added monthly

To see ALL courses, software, roadmaps, included in a Wandering Aimfully Membership, please view this page on something larger than a mobile device. Thanks!





Your membership gives you access to over 30 courses and workshops covering topics like writing, podcasting, audience building, branding, art, sponsorships, money, and even how to create your own online courses (so meta!).

You’ll learn how to build and sell an online course day-by-day in just 30 days.

If building an online course seems daunting to you, EasyCourse will put you at ease. A foolproof, proven system that’s been created to help you plan, build, and launch your course in just 30 days!


EasyCourse | 35 video lessons

You’ll become better at writing sales copy that converts and content that compels.

Writing doesn’t come naturally to most people, it certainly didn’t come naturally to Jason. This writing course will help you find your voice, ignore all the crusty old writing rules, and help you write better sales copy.


Imperfect Writer | 8 video lessons

You’ll build an authentic and professional brand identity from scratch.

This full-scale comprehensive branding class has EVERYTHING you need to build your brand. Caroline will take you through the step-by-step process of uncovering what makes you unique and baking that into a visual presence that cuts through the clutter!


Better Branding Course | 30 video lessons

You’ll learn the basics of hand-lettering and develop your own lettering style.

In no time at all, you’ll be creating beautiful hand-lettered sketches from start to finish. In this class, Caroline goes over the fundamentals of lettering, tools you can use, different styles of lettering and how to develop your own unique lettering style.


Better Lettering Course | 7 video lessons

Jason Surprised

You’ll learn exactly how to build your first product and sell it. .

No matter what type of digital product you want to create, this co-hosted masterclass has you covered from start to finish. You’ll also learn a proven launch formula and how to build an audience.


Product To Profit | 10 video lessons

You’ll be podcasting (and generating income from it) in no time.

There are a bunch of moving parts when it comes to creating a podcast, but your podcast should help support your business. This course will show you exactly how to make that magic happen (spoiler alert: it’s not actual magic).


Podcast Like A Boss | 8 video lessons

You’ll master the art of landing paid sponsorships.

Whether you’re looking to get sponsors for your blog, event, or some crazy idea no one’s ever heard of, Jason has you covered. With over 2,000 sponsorships under his belt you’ll learn everything he knows with actionable steps that are proven to get deals done.


Get Sponsorships For Anything | 16 video lessons

You’ll get paying sponsors for your podcast.

As a follow-up to the sponsorships for anything course, Jason is back, but focused on helping you get sponsors specifically for your podcast. Use his exact email scripts, pricing tactics, and listen to interviews with fellow podcasters who share additional ways to monetize a podcast.


Get Sponsorships For Podcasts | 12 video lessons

You’ll learn how to think outside the box when it comes to making money.

This masterclass is a rare blend between practical processes AND creative thinking. If you want to feel motivated and empowered to turn your ideas into a real difference in your financial situation, this is the place to start.


Make Money Making | 6 video lessons

You’ll finish writing your damn nonfiction book.

Jason and Paul Jarvis share everything they know about writing nonfiction books. Lesson include: The hero’s journey, developing a writing voice and process, overcoming self-doubt in writing, and actually marketing your book so that it generates real sales!


Finish Your Damn Book | 10 damn video lessons

Carol Surprised

You’ll take hand-lettered graphics to a new level with your iPad.

Learn what the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil can do to spark your creativity, create custom art, or add one-of-a-kind lettering to your brand and online presence. You’ll also become a wizard at using the ProCreate app.


iPad Lettering For Beginners | 26 video lessons

You’ll explore your own creativity and learn the basics of acrylic painting.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of acrylic painting. Caroline’s shares her favorite supplies for painting with acrylics, as well as three different techniques you can use to create your own one-of-a-kind abstract art!


Acrylic Explorations | 14 video lessons

You’ll conjure up joyful memories in just 30 days through drawing.

In this drawing class, Caroline shows you 30 days worth of drawing prompts designed to recall joyful memories from your past! This class meant to spark your inspiration and improve your illustration skills, as well as serve as an exercise in self-reflection.


Draw Your Memories | 31 video lessons

You’ll get a beginner’s guide to online course creation.

Along with EasyCourse, this class will show you how to turn your knowledge and experience into an online product you can be proud of (and one that makes you money too!)


Your First E-Course | 11 video lessons

You’ll find your secret sauce and pour it on everything you do.

That’s metaphorical secret sauce, as Jason and Paul Jarvis show you exactly how to find what makes you unique and pour it all over every aspect of your biz. This course will teach you how to forge a strong connection with an audience by being yourself.


How Dare You | 19 video lessons


Also included in your membership is access to multiple pieces of helpful software, valued at $86 per month by themselves. You get these included in the price of your membership! Hurray!

You’ll have the software you need to build and sell an online course.

Online courses are one of our favorite ways to spread ideas & generate revenue. Jason co-created a simple, easy-to-customize course framework. Just drop your content in, upload your logo, pick your colors, and you’re ready to start selling! Teachery also has very flexible landing pages and is constantly getting new features added.


Teachery | Valued at $49/month

You’ll see your website traffic, subscribers, and revenue in ONE place.

This handy piece of software is insanely easy to use and takes only minutes to set up. You'll have one beautiful dashboard that shows the pulse of your business, plus upcoming access to helpful resources and lots of personalized data-crunching (just for you and your websites).


Spruce Metrics | Valued at $19/month

You’ll be able to build a community of your own in minutes.

YourPack helps you bring your community together. Whether your community is just getting started or you have thousands of people that could benefit from connecting with one another, YourPack is here to help you foster relationships, without you having to do all the heavy lifting.


Your Pack | Valued at $18/month

You’ll sell something using incremental pricing with just a click of your mouse.

Bumpsale is an incremental pricing platform AKA a super unique way to sell the hell out of your stuff. You start the price at whatever crazy low point you want, and it bumps up slightly with every purchase. Bumpsale is a great way to spice up sales or validate your pricing.


Bumpsale | Fun product sales tool


We’re really excited for you to have these step-by-step roadmaps that leave NO stones unturned (because who the heck wants to turn over their own stones??!!)

Our interactive roadmaps let you check off each step in the process, with the ability to save and come back later. We break really big tasks down into bite-size chunks that you can actually accomplish.


You’ll have a step-by-step process for creating and launching an online course.

This roadmap aligns perfectly with EasyCourse and will have you planning, building, and launching your online course in 30 days (or less). Don’t get flustered with all the to-dos it takes to create a course, we’ve got your back with this interactive roadmap.


Course creation roadmap

You’ll have a step-by-step process for building a debt payoff plan.

We aren’t going to pretend that you can pay of all your debt overnight just by using this roadmap, however, we give you the exact tools and actions to take that helped us pay off $124,000 in debt in 15 months. We can’t guarantee the same results, but we can guarantee you’ll feel confident that you can pay off your debt.


Get out of debt roadmap

You’ll have a step-by-step process for creating and launching a podcast.

Wouldn’t it be nice if creating a podcast was as easy as just recording some audio? We hold your hand through picking audio equipment, creating a recording schedule you can stick to, and launching your podcast. There’s no dead air in this roadmap!


Launch a podcast

You’ll have a step-by-step process for transitioning from clients to products.

Ready to ditch your clients and make money from digital products (like online courses, books, etc)? We’ve created a roadmap that removes the overwhelm of making that transition. You may not make the switch overnight, which is why you can come back to this roadmap and your progress is constantly saved.


Clients to products roadmap


By far, the MOST POPULAR part of our membership has been the community. The existing entrepreneurs, small business owners, artists, professional bowlers, podcasters, lion tamers (okay, maybe that one is made up), are excited to learn more about you and join you on your journey.

Supportive, transparent, diverse, positive and eager to help.

You’ll join 400+ independent creatives who are living life on their terms and building businesses they enjoy working on. This community will motivate you, support you, and cheer you on.



Member since 2016

"The access to all of the courses and resources is one big gift you can give yourself to enhance your knowledge and excel in your business. What I didn't expect is the uplifting and supportive exchange in the community of sharing, knowledgeable and fun people that are there for you when you need a helping hand, a pick me up, or just a laugh. You can't put a price on that."



Member since 2016

"It's the best business investment I've made! I can honestly say I have taken more action in my life to achieve my business and life goals because of BOF. Jason (& Caroline) provide real value; they don't sell the dream, they sell the truth. There is WAY more value than what I paid for! One of the best parts is, they keep making more products, so the value grows FOREVER!"



Member since 2015

"I came for the tools, but I stayed for the community. Seriously, a Wandering Aimfully Membership is chock full of courses and software and tools galore to help you move forward with your entrepreneurial goals, but the real value is in a committed, super helpful community, including Jason and Caroline.”

This is our “But wait, there’s more!” moment! Click one of the links above to check out all of the courses, software, roadmaps and community included in your membership!

Why should you trust us enough to join?

We’ve been at this for years and we absolutely love helping people just like you.

Most people who sell things online only care about making the sale. That’s not us. There’s a reason we limit how many people can join Wandering Aimfully each month (and it’s not because we’re allergic to money). We genuinely care about our members and helping them navigate the rocky waters of business and life. That’s NOT just carefully written copy, it’s the truth.

You should also trust us because you’re getting sleeeepy….verrry sleeeeepy. No? That didn’t work, huh? Well then, go with your gut.

Andre Rebecca


Follow the journeys of two members through one year inside Wandering Aimfully.

The names are made up, but the stories are real! We share the journeys of two actual Wandering Aimfully members and how our membership has positively impacted their lives and businesses. See if their stories can become your story!

See their Journeys

Ready to Join?

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Both plans include

  • $7,500+ in total membership value
  • 30+ courses, workshops, & recorded calls
  • 4 software products
  • 5 step-by-step roadmaps
  • Private community access (400+ members)
  • New resources added at no additional cost

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Calculate your potential return from a Wandering Aimfully Membership.

First, how do you plan to use the resources inside Wandering Aimfully?

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Now, fill in your numbers to calculate your additional profit from selling digital products using the resources inside a membership!

Revenue: $6,000

WAIM Cost: $600

Profit: $5,400

What Our Members Say…



Member since 2016

"Investing in a Wandering Aimfully Membership was the best business investment I have ever made for my own future. It has helped me write, plan, and launch my first course, a podcast, and set a goal to finish my damn book and get it published. It's been super inspiring to be a part of this cool project and continues to be the push I need to take action in my life and business!”



Member since 2016

"WAIM is my secret society of makers, creators, and just amazing people. A network of awesomeness. I have access to a bunch of courses and tools, and Jason and Caroline too. I also get to see people that are trying, failing, winning, and succeeding at the same thing I'm trying to do. And some even share their lessons learned, epiphanies, and processes along the way. It does wonders for my self-efficacy.”



Member since 2015

"One of the best decisions I've made for my business was to join the Wandering Aimfully community. Jason is crazy, but very wise when it comes to business. He actually cares about the success of his community and will give you real and honest feedback (like it or not). Not only that, but he will follow up and check on you. Being part of this community has helped me in all aspects of my life.”



Member since 2015

"Best investment ever! And I truly mean an investment because this is the purchase that keeps producing more and more useful content and a growing community of motivated individuals."



Member since 2015

"I've learned things I didn't even know I wanted to learn but so thrilled I did. I continue to be educated by a group of 'velvet hammers' (folks are kind but also hold you accountable and push you, in a good way). Thanks to Jason and Caroline for being unprecedented leaders and constantly sharing with us."



Member since 2015

"The coolest thing about buying a WAIM Membership is that, in addition to existing products, a network of action-oriented entrepreneurs, and supporting innovative creators like Jason and Caroline, knowing that later on down the line they’re going to tap you on the shoulder and say, 'Here, I made some other cool things for you.'"

More About Us

More About Us

We’re Jason and Caroline Zook, a creative husband and wife duo living in Southern California. We’ve worked side by side since 2011 and loved every minute of it. Actually, that’s not true. That’s impossible. Or is it?

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As a reminder, your membership will:

  • Surround you with generous, thoughtful, and experienced creative biz owners
  • Provide you with years of knowledge and experience that you can steal and adapt to your needs
  • Put you in direct contact with us, whenever you have questions or need advice
  • Give you a say in what we make next, so you get what you need, when you need it
  • Teach you how to ride a unicorn! (Just kidding. Or are we?)
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