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Wandering Aimfully


Let us show you exactly WHAT to improve in your online business and in WHAT ORDER, so you can grow your revenue and live a more spacious, satisfying life.

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Have you thought lately:

"I know my online business isn't working like it should, but I have NO IDEA what the key problem is."

Do you feel like you KNOW there are ten different ways you could be improving your marketing, or honing your messaging, or building an audience… but you’re overwhelmed with the thought of doing EVERYTHING, so you end up doing NOTHING?

We get it. Finding focus and clarity has always been hard, but it’s gotten 10x harder in these super uncertain and stressful times we’re living through.

But what if you were finally able to see EXACTLY the areas of your business that need the most help, and you had someone telling you how to fix them and what ORDER to tackle them in?

How good would it feel to stop trying to do it all, and instead methodically improve one aspect of your business at a time so you could start seeing real momentum?

That’s what we want to help you do with our program Wandering Aimfully (WAIM) Unlimited and our Un-boring Business Roadmap within it.

With our help, you’ll be able to shake up the patterns, limiting beliefs and habits that have been keeping you stuck, and you’ll have a practical plan to get more revenue in the door—all at a sustainable pace that works for YOU.

How good would it feel to stop trying to do it all, and instead methodically improve one aspect of your business at a time so you could start seeing real momentum?
the roadmap

How does it work?

We’ve developed a methodical, five-step roadmap for improving your business and boosting your revenue from years of helping hundreds of entrepreneurs in their businesses.

The roadmap is based on a decision tree flow chart meant to guide you straight to the action step that will have the greatest impact on your business.

  • 06

    Set a strong foundation.

    In this step you'll focus on defining the core aspects of your business that will inform your marketing strategy and you'll fortify your own mindset and processes, as neglecting these things can actually be limiting your progress further down the roadmap.

    You'll learn how to:

    1.1 💡 Come up with a business idea.
    1.2 ❓Answer the 4 foundation questions of a business.
    1.3 🎯 Define your business goals.
    1.4 🧠 Make sure your mindset is right.
    1.5 ✅ Define a system for getting shit done.
    1.6 🎨 Design a brand identity.

  • 05

    Improve your offering.

    Once your foundation is set, in this step you'll evaluate the core thing your business sells, whether it's an online course, membership program, or client service packages. Before you improve your marketing, it's crucial that you know you're selling something people want, and that you're communicating the benefit in a compelling way.

    You'll learn how to:

    2.1 🎁 Determine your core product offering.
    2.2 📝 Learn to communicate your message effectively.
    2.3 🤑 Get in the selling mindset.

  • 02

    Architect your marketing bridges.

    When your offering is locked in, now the experimenting really begins! The vast majority of business owners we talk to who aren't seeing the sales they want actually just have a breakdown in their marketing strategy, or what we call their "marketing bridges." In this step you'll learn how to map our your customer's journey to buy from you and you'll be able to identify whether you have gaps in that journey you need to fill.

    You'll learn how to:

    3.1 🗺 Set your marketing strategy and customer journey.
    3.2 💌 Grow your email list.

  • 03

    Produce more content.

    So many people focus their time on creating social media content, but what if we told you there was a way to create content TODAY that would still pay dividends years from now? With your marketing bridges set, at this step you're in a great place to super-charge your traffic and publish strategic content designed to attract your ideal buyers.

    You'll learn how to:

    4.1 🧲 Create content that attracts your ideal audience.
    4.2 🤳Gain brand awareness using Instagram (optional)
    4.3 🎙Consider creating a podcast (optional)

  • 04

    Optimize your website.

    Finally, your website is the arena where your marketing strategy gets put to the test. So many people START at this step, but we promise you, if you go through each previous step in this roadmap, your website will feel like a piece of cake to update because you'll know exactly what role each page plays in your strategy, and you'll see how your site serves your bigger business goals.

    You'll learn how to:

    5.1 🖥 Create a website for your business.
    5.2 🛠 Make sure your website design reflects your marketing strategy.
    5.3 📈 Optimize your website based on your analytics.

The Result:
Every month, every week, every day, you have a CLEAR idea of what work you need to focus on to improve your business. And when you have a clear focus, you finally start to see a boost in your revenue and more space to breathe.
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“I remember the feeling a few years ago when $10k/month was only a dream. Today, that’s a reality and I’m loving the freedom and the flexibility it allows me to create more products, spend time with my community, and provide consistent income for my family."

"I’ve been saving an average of $700 a month just from one Wandering Aimfully exercise. I finally feel in control of my numbers and income goals and have solid data to base them off instead of imaginary numbers in my head."

"In my first month, WAIM paid off huge for me. I just have to say that I’m super appreciative for WAIM. At the end of a long workday, after getting kids to bed, a dog walked, a lawn mowed, etc… I’m exhausted. The simplification of the WAIM Unlimited (getting all the past courses) is AMAZING. It keeps me moving even when I only have 15 minutes in an evening. And while there is no way I can possibly be on Slack as much as I want to, it’s awesome having engaged people that are interested in helping each other when I do jump back in. Cheers to you fine people of WAIM, cheers to you!"

- Jeremy Smith

"I’m on pace to triple the income I was making in 2016 as an assistant principal before I joined Wandering Aimfully. This year I launched my first serious course in an attempt to keep building without burnout. Even with a super tiny email list, I made $8,000."

- Brendan Hufford
Read the full case study →

"I saved $2,000 annually using the Build Without Burnout expenses exercises (which saves me almost double what it cost me for to join). Within 4 months of joining Wandering Aimfully, I launched the beta round of my first live branding program that brought in $1,500, which was about 10x what I've ever previously got from 'launching' courses."

Read the full case study →

"Caroline and Jason both share so much value by showing the nitty gritty detail-y stuff. Their thoughts/inputs when someone asks a question in Slack and how they put their business on display are the premium product in WAIM. I just love them, their creative entrepreneurialism, and look forward to continuing to follow their process!"

- Cynthia Luna

Have you thought any of these things to yourself?


"I know the business I want to be running, but I’m not 100% clear how to position it to a potential customer so they’ll buy from me."


"I know I’m supposed to create 'content' but between articles, videos, podcasting, and social media, I’m 1000% overwhelmed and don’t know where to even start."


"I know marketing and audience growth are important, but I don’t want to spend all my time doing those things. I wish I had a clear marketing plan I could follow so I can spend time on creating."

WAIM Unlimited is designed to be a solution to these problems.
but wait...

The Un-Boring Business Roadmap is just the beginning…

Wandering Aimfully (WAIM) Unlimited includes a full suite of supportive resources to make sure you take ACTION on everything in the roadmap.

Teachery Course Platform Account

to make free online courses.

Private Slack Community

to connect & feel supported by other business owners.

WAIM.AI Personal Coaching “Robot”

to get audio encouragement when you're feeling down.

Q&A Calls

to get real-time advice from two entrepreneurs who've been there.

The Course

to learn specific skills and add to your knowledge base.

  • Subscription to our course platform, Teachery

    You get a lifetime Teachery account! This alone is a $49/month value that we include with your WAIM Unlimited membership. This is our very own software platform you can use to create and host all your online courses, make landing pages, and start earning money with your creative talents.

  • Access to our private Slack community.

    Over 700 creative biz owners from around the world hanging out together and supporting one another on a daily basis. This is a carefully curated space where we make sure our members feel safe sharing all aspects of life and work.

  • *NEW* Personal Coaching Robot

    Another new addition to our WAIM Unlimited program is an audio coaching experience where we’ve recorded 220+ short coaching messages to help you fight through feeling: unmotivated, uncreative, stressed out, lost, not sure what idea to pursue, how to grow your email list, and much more.

  • Monthly 2-Hour Live Coaching Calls

    Through the remainder of 2020, we’ll host a live coaching call each month and do a deep dive on ONE part of your business you should focus on. You’ll also have access to our previous 11 recorded coaching calls and in-depth workbooks. After 2020, we’ll still be showing up for you monthly, with Q&As and more fun things we have planned.

  • Access to the WAIM Vault

    40+ additional courses, video workshops, interactive checklists, pre-made branding templates, and more that you’ll get access to in our completely custom WAIM Dashboard experience.

Did we mention the best part?
When you join Wandering Aimfully Unlimited, you pay us once and you get all our future projects without paying us ever again. (Yes, really.)
That’s kind of the “Unlimited” part of WAIM Unlimited.

"What makes WAIM Unlimited different than other coaching programs?"

We're so glad you asked!


Transparent realness, not silver-bullet promises

We love sharing EVERYTHING with our members. The good, the bad, the ugly, so you can learn along the way with us.


Success defined by more than "six or seven figs"

We aren’t about that “figs” life around here. Yes, we like money as much as other people, but success is more about living a balanced life.


The belief that business doesn't have to be boring

Silly emojis, cheesy dad jokes, LOL-worthy GIFs, we’re all about making business coaching fun and enjoyable.


What is all your hard work FOR if you’re not enjoying your LIFE in the process?

Our goal is to always remind you to enjoy the journey WHILE you reach for your goals.

Hello there, fellow human 👋:

(Unless you’re an alien 👽  reading this, then, well, hello to you too!)

We wanted to take a moment to speak to you like an actual *person* (not a sales page) and to be brutally honest about a few things as you’re thinking about joining our WAIM Unlimited Program…

Thing #1: Inclusivity

First and foremost, we care deeply about our WAIM family. We welcome and celebrate all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, body size, or any other characteristic, and it's important to us that we treat everyone as being on the same “level” within WAIM. If that's not cool with you, WAIM probably isn't the right fit.


Thing #2: No Dream Selling

We do NOT sell the dream and we do NOT have a “foolproof plan to guarantee you $100,000+ (6-figs!) in your business.” Many other business coaches want to promise you the moon when they only end up delivering you unmet expectations and searching for the next coach or program. That’s not us. Do we have a business roadmap for you to follow? Heck ya we do! Has our roadmap and monthly coaching program helped our members reach success on their terms? Abso-freaking-lutely! Can we guarantee any amount of success for you? No, we cannot, and neither can anyone else. All we can do is share our huge breadth of *actual* business experience and give you practical steps to follow while being there to support you along the way. Getting people to buy into the dream is easier, but it's not REAL. If you're tired of buying into empty guarantees, we're glad you found us.


Thing #3: Real Business Experience

We don’t just make money teaching people how to make money. In fact, we openly admit that we aren’t great at things like creating passive income funnels and FB Ad growth machines. What we ARE good at is defining what actually matters in our lives, building profitable and sustainable businesses that support our specific goals, and ensuring that the systems and processes are in place to avoid burnout at all costs. While we do focus on helping people build profitable online businesses, our actual business experience comes from running design/marketing agencies, working with clients, selling a variety of courses, getting books traditionally published, building a physical art business, doing paid public speaking, creating and selling software applications, and many other business experiments since 2006. You get the benefit of that wide range of experiences when you're in our program!


Thing #4: No Business Bullshit

We are all about honesty and transparency. We have shitty weeks and we have up and down moments in our businesses just like you. Anyone who wants to pretend otherwise is lying to you. We keep it REAL and we share our mistakes and missteps with you so that you can try your best to avoid what we do wrong. If you’re looking to learn from a “perfect business coach” that’s not us. 


To sum this entire section up, we want you to know we care. We care about constantly learning how to be better people. We care about having the mentality of “enough” when it comes to money. And, we care about being available to you and being part of your unique journey in business (and life).

If all of this resonates with you, then hell yes, keep reading!

Listen, we’re going to let you in on a secret here…

You don’t actually need more information;
What you actually need is focus and consistency.

That’s what our roadmap is designed to bring you.
So, here are the 4️⃣ things we promise you inside our WAIM Unlimited coaching program:


Have you ever heard that phrase: “It’s hard to read the label from inside the jar?” When you’re IN your business every day and you’re wearing all the hats and doing all the things, it’s easy to feel like you’re lost in a forest of tangled paths.

You get so stuck in the weeds and the million different decisions you have to make that everything starts feeling muddy and uncertain. Our job is to periodically bring you back to your TRUE path with crystal clear focus. No matter how many dead-ends you walk down, no matter how many wrong turns you make…

…you’ll find your way back to clarity and focus with the tools and processes we share.


We believe whole-heartedly that business should be FUN. Because what is all of this hustle for if it’s not lighting you up on a daily basis?

As business owners, we often focus on the destination (X revenue goal, X many followers, X many email subscribers) and we forget that the milestone is such a small segment of time compared to the journey. If you’re bogged down, burned out, and feeling uninspired, we will share as many gif stickers, emojis, jokes, and dance parties as it takes…

…for you to feel the joy again in your business.


The truth is, having an online business can be freaking LONELY. You can’t just mosey on over to Karen in Accounting to talk your latest Netflix obsessions because Karen in Accounting is YOU.

You wonder if you’re struggling because you’re just not cut out for this whole entrepreneurship thing, but you’re only doubting yourself because you can’t see that everyone else is just figuring it out too. Our community is full of intentional, kind, open-hearted doers who will make you feel seen and supported and…

…we will be right there among them always eager to cheer you on.


You know how you wake up and you’re a lifeless zombie and then you have that first cup of coffee and suddenly you feel like all systems are a go and now you’re an ACTUAL superhero and can do anything?

Wandering Aimfully Coaching IS that cup of coffee for your business. People think of motivation as a myth, but it’s a very real thing. It’s a FEELING. It’s an energy. It’s that spark that lights up your potential and reminds you of your own power. We promise to be the ones encouraging you when the lights have dimmed and you’re feeling unsure. We will be…

…the caffeine injection you need to remind you of your own potential whenever you need it.

And in return you promise...
1. You’ll show up and do the work.

You will check off those monthly action items with the enthusiasm of someone who just discovered there’s still $20 on that five-month old Target gift card.

2. If you fall, you bounce back.

When life gets busy or you fall into old patterns, you will not shame yourself or feel like a failure for falling off the wagon—you will act like you just fell onto an Olympic-sized trampoline and you will double-somersault your way back into action with excitement and resolve to give it another go.

3. You’ll ask for help when you need it.

The benefit of being a small business is that you don’t talk to moderators or assistants…you talk to US. But this is only a benefit if you’re willing to be vulnerable and ask for what you need.

"I used to be addicted to online courses and subscribing to newsletters and learning whatever I could from whoever wanted to teach me. After an overwhelming amount of overwhelm, I’ve since cut much of it out of my life. I have chosen a very few people as my teachers, as people I want to keep listening to in this noisy world. I knew I wanted to learn from people with your energies: fun, vibrant, authentic (I could go on …) I don’t know how you do it, but the live topics are always timely. Thank you so much for being you, and for somehow knowing what I need to hear."

- Kristen Otenti

"There is a certain dynamic and energy that Jason and Caroline bring to coaching sessions that's hard to describe. You can tell they actually know what they are talking about, and have tested out what they are presenting firsthand. They focus on helping you with real issues, and provide actionable advice that isn't overwhelming and just works."

- Edward Danilyuk

"Taking the leap to be a part of WAIM felt big for me months ago, and now I don't know what I'd do without it. My Mom has been a coach for 20 years, and she's noticed a difference in how clear I am, how I'm approaching my business so much more confidently, and how I'm inspiring her to do more with her business since I started working with you."

- Bridget Baker

"I've been part of a lotttttt of online communities and joined a lotttttt of programs, but there's nothing quite like WAIM. Learning from you both has been SO DAMN REFRESHING and makes it so much more simple, easy and fun to execute. Carol, we ADORE those incredible workbooks you work so hard on...and Jason, I'm convinced you're a robot because the way you love on the community is beyond anything I've ever seen."

- Ash De Filippis

"Since I joined WAIM, I felt like I joined a family of amazingly warm and awesome people and the coaching was no different! It felt like I was chilling with some friends that know a lot about a certain subject and are super excited to share their knowledge! ...I really like your approach. Oftentimes I feel like these coaching things are too dry and very number oriented and too businessy. I REALLY want my business to bring me joy and serve my lifestyle and your approach is just that!"

- Julien-Pier Belanger

"WAIM Coaching (and WAIM Unlimited in general) is the best money I've ever spent. I'm a recovering course + program + buying all the business things junkie, so that's saying a lot. I watch the replays (because, timezones, and I need sleep) and I love being able to pause + take breaks to really mull things over. You stay true to the name of unboring coaching and I love watching the sessions knowing that 1) I'm going to learn something super practical and 2) I'm probably going to spit my tea across the room because you both make me laugh. Thank you so much! You guys are the best!"

- Brogan Micallef

WAIM Unlimited

We’ve developed a methodical, five-step roadmap for improving your business and boosting your revenue from years of helping hundreds of entrepreneurs in their businesses.

  • ✓ WAIM Unlimited Un-Boring Roadmap with 40+ hours of training sessions and 14 workbooks with clear action items
  • ✓ Free lifetime access to our course platform, Teachery (Make all your online courses for FREE!)
  • ✓ Access to our private WAIM Slack community
  • ✓ Access to the *NEW* Personal Coaching Robot
  • ✓ Monthly 2-Hour Live Coaching Calls through the remainder of 2020, and monthly Q&A calls after that
  • ✓ Access to the WAIM Vault with specialized courses and workshops
  • ✓ Whatever we create in the future at no additional cost!
Enrollment closes in:

Lower Monthly Price

20 payments of


Remember, with this program you're getting multiple courses in one across every aspect of running an online business!

Faster Payoff

5 payments of


Did we mention, once your payments are complete--you get anything we create in the future and never pay us again!

Our Stance on Social Justice

⚠️ Before you hit the BUY button, it's important you know something: We do NOT believe in separating our values from our business or in "staying in our lane" when it comes to human rights issues facing our world. We're two people who believe in standing up for things like racial justice, environmental justice, and LGBTQ+ support. We are committed to making our community a safe place for our members, especially those who might find themselves oppressed or discriminated against elsewhere. If that bothers you, please do not join WAIM Unlimited! You can read more about our stance on social justice here and you can check our community guidelines here.  ⚠️

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Hey there!

We're Jason & Caroline Zook. 👨🏻‍🦲👩🏻‍🦰

We are best friends 👫 and business partners 🤝who have been at this online business gig for years—him for over 10 👴, her for over 5 👵. We technically met on Twitter in 2010 🐦, when Caroline was just a college advertising major 🎓and Jason was at the height of his first crazy entrepreneurial adventure where he earned $1,000,000+ wearing t-shirts 👕 for a living (Yes, really! Google it.🔍) We've been together ever since, and we made it official by eloping on a cliff overlooking the ocean in March of 2017. 🌊⛰👰🤵💍🍩🍹💞

Her superpower is self-awareness 🧐; his superpower is action-taking ✅. She's an Enneagram Type 4 (Individualist)🎨; He's an Enneagram Type 8 (Challenger)🙅‍♂️. His guilty pleasure is Dragon Ball Z 🐉; hers is anything Bachelor-related.🌹

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