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 Free e-book with 65+ weekly newsletters detailing the ups and downs of a year in the life of a creative entrepreneur with an authentic online business.

 A Year Made Vibrant Newsletter E-book

Every Monday since February of 2014, I’ve been writing a letter to my online community of soulful creatives, Self-Made Society. Every year now I publish the year’s group of letters into one colorful e-book, which reads like a diary of the ups and downs of the evolution of Made Vibrant. This latest volume is 65+ letters from my second year in business, 2015. Enjoy!

Social Media Sanity E-Guide

With so many social platforms to choose from these days, it can be overwhelming and frustrating for any business owner to develop a strategy and game plan for each one. That’s why I’ve created this interactive guide and worksheet to help you think critically about each social network, considering not just how it can boost your biz but how you feel when you’re on it.

8 pages | PDF format | Printable OR Editable using using Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, or Preview

Ready To Launch E-guide

Whether it’s introducing your new brand or revealing your updated website, “launch time” is a great opportunity to get an increase in attention to your business. But, let’s be honest, it can be extremely overwhelming! This guide will give you marketing ideas, a launch checklist and a Google Spreadsheet to help you plan your launch. 

20 pages | PDF format | Printable OR Viewable using using Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, or Preview 

Re-defining Success Worksheet

This worksheet will help you break down some of the beliefs you have about success and redefine what it means to you based on how you want to feel. It will help you set new measures of success based around what is individually valuable to you.

3 pages | PDF format | Printable OR Editable using using Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, or Preview

Fit & Fun Health Tracker Worksheets

Want to make a change for the better when it comes to your health and fitness? Then do yourself a favor and make healthier decisions easier with these three fun worksheets. Take the guesswork out of grocery shopping by listing out your healthy meal options, then mix and match them to create a meal calendar, and track your healthy eating & exercise progress throughout the week.

6 pages | 3 in color, 3 in black and white (to color in!) | PDF format | Printable | 13.8 MB

Emergency Mood Booster Worksheet

This worksheet is a fun way for you to create a small arsenal of mood-boosting weapons, only to be used on the awful-est of days. Like a First-Aid Kit of sorts, but for your soul. Includes things like your go-to happy song, your favorite place, or even a word that makes you giggle. Hopefully this little list of mood boosters will be a place you can turn next time you have one of “those days.”

1 page | PDF format | Printable

Creative Progress Maps

Use these worksheets to keep yourself accountable in a fun and colorful way! Color in one part of the drawing every time you move closer to a 31-day goal. When you’re done, you’ll have a vibrant reminder of one positive habit you’ve cultivated or a goal you’ve accomplished.

3 pages | PDF format | Printable

Intentional Balance Inventory Worksheet

This Intentional Balance Inventory was created to help you rate where each aspect of your life currently sits (1-10), set a goal for where you want each aspect to be, and then it will allow you to write down one intentional action that you can keep track of on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to actually improve that aspect.

1 page | PDF format | Printable