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What if business coaching didn’t suck?

Boring lectures, icky sales advice, corporate webinar vibes—none of it is that helpful or FUN. We set out to change that with our WAIM Unlimited Un-Boring Business program.

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In-Depth Q&A #2

June 15, 2023

We answer your specific business questions in-depth and give you “mini unsolved business” recommendations for how to move forward

Behind the Build: Lead Magnet Edition

February 16, 2023

A live experiment where you can watch us try to create a new lead magnet and home page in one day!

Casting a Vision for the Next Year

December 15, 2022

We have 12 BIG questions to help you think ahead and plan for your next year. These questions dive deeeeep and are helpful for guiding your vision of where you want to steer your personal growth, business growth, and life in the coming year ahead!

The Project Lab #2: Your Next Two Months

October 12, 2022

In real-time, we take you through our planning process to eliminate overwhelm, prioritize projects and plot tasks on your calendar for the next two months.

The Project Lab #1

January 27, 2022

We walk you through our PEW(A)T process for project planning and you can witness us plan in real-time with you.

Reflect & Project #2

December 16, 2021

Go through exercises to look back and learn from the past year, to optimize your processes, and to set a vision for the upcoming year. (This session was recorded at the end of 2021).

Un-Boring Business Roadmap

September 18, 2021

Not sure what to work on in your business? Use our step-by-step sequence to diagnose what area needs your attention and watch all our coaching sessions in order!

Your 6-Month Content Plan

April 22, 2021

Learn our process for coming up with content ideas and planning out your content 6 months from now.

Notion Starter Pack

March 18, 2021

Get a full system for organizing your life and business in the app Notion. (We recommend creating a Notion account first!)

Organizing Life & Business with Notion

March 15, 2021

Get an intro to the app Notion and see how we use the Notion Starter Pack. (We recommend creating a Notion account first!)