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Draw Your Memories Online Class – NEEDS TO MOVE TO TEACHERY

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Draw Your Memories


In this beginner drawing class, you’ll come along with me as I show you 30 days worth of drawing prompts designed to conjure up joyful memories from your past! Not only is this class meant to spark your inspiration and improve your illustration skills, but it’s also meant to be an exercise in self-reflection and a journey through the happiest times of your past!

Preview The Prompts:

  • A thing you did for fun as a kid
  • Your favorite candy bar or sweet treat
  • A Stuffed animal that brought you comfort

  • A weekend activity you did with your family

  • A Pop culture event that you distinctly remember

  • A toy you freaked out about when you got it

  • A holiday tradition

  • A funny story your family loves to tell

  • An album you listened to on cassette

  • An outdated technology

  • Your childhood home
  • chool supplies you loved buying

  • A thing you were OBSESSED with

  • A Family pet

  • A trend or fad that makes you look back and smile

  • A snack you always hoped was in your lunch

  • A birthday memory

  • A favorite article of clothing

  • A movie you loved

  • Something that scared you

  • High school hobby or activity
  • A family heirloom

  • An object that reminds you of a throwback TV show you loved

  • Something that re you of your childhood room

  • Your first job

  • A fashion trend that makes you cringe or scratch your head

  • A defining moment in your college years

  • Your greatest love

  • The first city you lived in as an adult

  • Favorite city you visited or recent trip you’ve taken