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How It Works

Wandering Aimfully is the monthly membership that will actually help you reach your business and life goals.
How exactly? We’re glad you asked.
We’d like you to meet Rebecca And André.


is a freelance designer looking to take on fewer clients.

Rebecca started her business a few years ago and has plenty of clients under her belt, but the exhaustion of trading her time for money has taken its toll. She never feels like she can relax. She’s always looking ahead to the next client invoice. She wants more freedom and flexibility in her business.


is a 9-to-5’er who wants to start a side hustle.

André’s a sales manager who also has a passion for photography. The routine of his desk job leaves him feeling uninspired and stuck. Photography is his creative outlet, but he’s starting to wonder if he could use this skill to earn side income, and eventually transition out of the corporate world.

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This is Rebecca.

She’s no stranger to hard work but struggles with how to find balance. She always tries to go above and beyond for her clients but caring so much can sometimes bring her to work crazy hours, underpricing herself in the process. She’s ready to turn her years of experience into a more scalable digital product so she can hopefully take on less clients, work less hours, and feel less guilty about spending time away from her laptop.

Rebecca wants to…
  • Stop trading time for money.
  • Stop feeling in perpetual reaction mode.
  • Get more clarity and less overwhelm around how to turn her services into a scalable product.
So Rebecca decides to buy a…

Great move, Bex! (Can we call you Bex? No? Fair enough.)

Follow Rebecca’s year-long journey below as she uses her investment to reach her life and business goals!

  • Rebecca joins Wandering Aimfully (WAIM)!

    She immediately hops in her custom WAIM Dashboard to get her learn on!

    First, she checks out the Roadmaps tab, which has pre-made step-by-step to-do lists on popular goals within the Wandering Aimfully (WAIM) community. She selects the “Go from creative freelancer to product maker” roadmap and saves it to her Dashboard. She also clicks the accompanying recommended courses and saves those to her Dashboard too, which she’ll be able to access quickly every time she logs in.

    Now, for some support! Rebecca joins the WAIM Slack community to chat with fellow members.

    Immediately she finds two other new members that are freelance designers. It feels great to connect with people who are in a similar position and struggling with the same things. Through just a few Slack Direct Messages (DM’s) with fellow designers, she’s able to immediately implement a new process for qualifying new client leads so she’s not agreeing to projects with clients who aren’t able to pay her project rate.

    After 1 month…
    Spent on WAIM: $100
    Made with WAIM: $0
    Profit: $0
    Already Rebecca has more clarity and motivation than she’s had in a long time…

  • 1 month as a member

    Spent on WAIM: $100; Made with WAIM: $0; Profit:$0

    Thanks to her trusty roadmap, Rebecca goes through the Clarity to Scale Workshop to come up with a product idea.

    She decides to create a small online course for beginner entrepreneurs about how to create website and social media graphics that stand out. She decides to tailor the course toward the type of clients that inquire about her services but that usually don’t have the money to hire her for custom graphics. This will allow her to be more discerning with her clients and the ones she has to turn away she can point to this course.

    Rebecca also goes through Better Branding Course to strengthen her brand positioning, website design, and ideal audience.

    The course helps her identify the pain points of this specific customer, and how she’s uniquely qualified to help. She also uses the course content to shift her brand positioning a bit to clearly communicate she doesn’t just do client service work but that she also teaches about simple design principles for beginner entrepreneurs who aren’t that design savvy.

    After 2 months…
    Spent on WAIM: $200
    Made with WAIM: $0
    Profit: $0
    It’s only been 60 days but Rebecca finally feels like she’s taking real steps to make the transition she’s been dreaming about…

  • 2 months as a member

    Spent on WAIM: $200; Made with WAIM: $0; Profit:$0

    Rebecca teams up with a small accountability group in Slack to create her first product, an online course on graphic design, in 30 days!

    These break-off groups are always being formed around one of the many products inside the Wandering Aimfully Membership. Rebecca knows if she doesn’t have some form of accountability she won’t make this course happen, so she uses the community as a tool to fuel her progress.

    She goes through EasyCourse, which gives her a day-by-day formula for creating and launching a course in 30 days.

    EasyCourse has one lesson per day for 30 days so all she has to do is watch the short lesson video, do the daily work and check in with the group. It’s difficult at times to carve out time away from her client work, but having a clearly defined goal is making it easier to manage her time better and practice balance.

    At the end of the 30 days, she launches her first course and makes $1,500—which allows her to take on one less client the following month!

    She launches her $50 course to a small email list but she still is able to make 30 sales because her audience is highly qualified thanks to her newly re-branded website and blog.

    After 3 months…
    Spent on WAIM: $300
    Made with WAIM: $1,500
    Profit: $1,200
    Rebecca is starting to see a return on her WAIM Membership, and scaling back her client work is starting feel much more feasible…

  • 3 months as a member

    Spent on WAIM: $300; Made with WAIM: $1,500; Profit:$1,200

    With her first product launch under her belt, Rebecca checks out the How Dare You and Imperfect Writer courses to focus on building an engaged audience through unique and valuable content.

    She knows the key to recurring income with online courses is a steady source of qualified traffic, so she starts building a content strategy to attract her ideal customers for her graphic design course.

    She watches the Future Finding: Scale to Optimization workshop to set up automations that will help her sell her course while she sleeps.

    After testing and experimenting with several different automations, she hits on a free email course system that converts to course sales. For the first time in a year she plans a week-long trip where she doesn’t plan to bring her laptop!

    By her sixth month, Rebecca’s now making enough money with her monthly course sales to stop taking on new design clients!

    She still has two months left to finish up projects, but she’s already working on her second product idea. Using the Make Money Making workshop as her guide, she’s thinking up new ways to combine her graphic design skills and her experience with clients into different product offerings. Downloadable graphic packs, website templates, client onboarding forms…the sky’s the limit!

    After 6 months…
    Spent on WAIM: $600
    Made with WAIM: $7,500
    Profit: $6,900
    Rebecca’s now averaging $3,000/month in course sales which now accounts for half her business revenue, but only a quarter of the time her clients require. She’s able to bring more balance to her daily life.

  • 6 months as a member

    Spent on WAIM: $600; Made with WAIM: $7,500; Profit:$6,900

    Rebecca is now able to keep just 1 to 2 clients on retainer, one of whom she found through the other 400+ members inside WAIM.

    For the first time in her freelance design career, Rebecca’s able to choose her clients and be really happy about who she works with. She no longer dreads trying to find her next client because she has two recurring clients who pay her well and give her steady work.

    Looking for new ways to expand her audience and promote her flagship course, she starts a podcast and lands her first sponsorship of $1,500.

    Through Podcast Like A Boss (inside WAIM), she learned her podcast should fuel her business objectives so she decides to do a show with one new tip per week for how beginner entrepreneurs can improve their website and social graphics. This acts as a magnet for her ideal audience to purchase her course. Using How To Get Sponsorships for Podcasts, she learns how to write pitch emails to brands well-aligned with her audience (like PicMonkey) and this begins an additional revenue stream for her.

    After 12 months…
    Spent on WAIM: $1,200
    Made with WAIM: $15,000
    Profit: $13,800
    Rebecca can’t believe how much her business has grown in one year. She went from feeling stuck to feeling in control of her own future.

One year later…
Rebecca’s life & business have changed.

Rebecca now:
  • Has a diverse business model with multiple ways to bring in revenue
  • Spends less time panicking over client deadlines and more time feeling inspired to make new products
  • Has an online course that continues to bring in monthly revenue on autopilot
  • Has 10x’d her annual WAIM investment! YAY BEX!
Ready to see where you could be one year from now?

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Now it’s Andre’s turn!

Let’s check out his journey to start a side hustle and leave his 9-to-5!

This is

He’s outgoing and diligent, but his current sales job doesn’t leave much room for creativity or passion. The monotony of going to the same office every day leaves him feeling unenergized and bored. He likes that some of his income is based on commission because he can earn more if he puts in the work, but he wishes he could use that motivation for his own benefit, not just the company he works for.

André wants to…
  • Bring more passion and creativity to his everyday life
  • Learn how to turn his creative skills into a money-making gig
  • Start earning a side income so he could one day leave the corporate world
So André decides to buy a…

Well done, Dré! We like your style!

Watch André’s journey to creating a profitable side hustle unfold over the course of a year!

  • André joins Wandering Aimfully (WAIM)!

    Thanks to a personal recommendation from Jason, André starts off in his WAIM dashboard by adding Future Finding: Zero to Clarity video series to his dashboard.

    This video series immediately helps him identify how we can turn his passion for photography into a money-making idea. He realizes that his “assets” (as outlined in the series) are photography and his sales experience. He comes up with a way to combine those two things into a revenue-generating opportunity. He decides he wants to start selling photo packs of stock photography to local businesses in his town so they can use them on their website or social media.

    Meanwhile, André also starts the Get Out of Debt Roadmap and sets a goal of finally paying off his student loan debt in the next year.

    Finances have always been something he didn’t pay that much attention to, but now with a clear process he’s able to have a weekly budget meeting with his wife. Thanks to the info inside the Working To Live workshop, he also sets a minimum monthly magic number of $2,000 for his stock photo business. He plans to use that side hustle cash to pay down his student loans.

    After 1 month…
    Spent on WAIM: $100
    Made with WAIM: $0
    Profit: $0
    André doesn’t feel as overwhlemed by his debt and now he looks forward to getting home from work so he can work on the stock photo business idea…

  • 1 month as a member

    Spent on WAIM: $100; Made with WAIM: $0; Profit:$0

    Now that André has a clear business idea, he sets up a simple website using Secrets of Squarespace workshop and the Better Branding Course

    On the weekends, André goes to local businesses around town taking photos of displays, local city scenes, great food, and products. He combines these photos into packs of 20-30 photos available for digital download.

    He uses his selling skills to pitch the company he works for on buying his first photo pack!

    Caroline and Jason recommend André start with the lowest hanging fruit, so he runs the idea by his company emphasizing their woefully outdated photos on their website. They agree to purchase his first photo pack for $200 and they decide to hire him separately to shoot custom photos for the website for $300. André has his first customer and $500 in side hustle revenue!

    After 2 months…
    Spent on WAIM: $200
    Made with WAIM: $500
    Profit: $300
    André is starting to feel like a photographer! It’s exciting for him to combine his creativity and his sales skills…

  • 2 months as a member

    Spent on WAIM: $200; Made with WAIM: $500; Profit:$300

    Armed with a newfound confidence thanks to his professional photography website and first customer, he uses the How To Get Sponsorships For Anything course to send pitch emails to 50 local businesses.

    5 of them purchase his first photo pack ($200 each) for a total revenue of $1,000, and one company hires him freelance to shoot a new product line they have coming out for another $500.

    Now that he has validated his product idea (a term he learned in the Product to Profit course inside WAIM) he uses the How Dare You course to start building an email list so he can scale his photo pack sales.

    He starts offering a few free stock images to local businesses in exchange for their email addresses. He also attends regular Chamber of Commerce meetings to network with potential customers and spread the word about his email list. At the end of his first month, he has his first 100 email subscribers.

    After 3 months…
    Spent on WAIM: $300
    Made with WAIM: $2,000
    Profit: $1,700
    André can now see the potential of his photography business and is learning how to scale his offerings…

  • 3 months as a member

    Spent on WAIM: $300; Made with WAIM: $2,000; Profit:$1,700

    With the encouragement from fellow members in the WAIM Slack community, André shoots three more photo packs within the following month, and he decides to experiment selling them with Bumpsale.

    Bumpsale is a software product inside WAIM that allows users to price products using incremental pricing ($1, $2, $3) and easily set up a for sale button. He launches his first Bumpsale to his small email list starting at $20 and his 50-photo pack sells to 40 customers (increasing by $1 in price with each customer) which makes him $1,580.

    For his next photo pack, he decides to partner with four other photographers inside the WAIM community.

    They sell a collaborative photo pack to their individual audiences, which brings in another 500 email subscribers to André’s list and $2,000. He enjoys the camaraderie within this small group of photographers inside WAIM. Unlike other hobby groups he’s tried before, he doesn’t feel intimidated and everyone seems to share tips and advice freely. He’s now averaging about $3,000/month with his photo packs and shooting for local businesses. He continues to use at least $2,000 of his monthly profits to pay down his student loans every month.

    After 6 months…
    Spent on WAIM: $600
    Made with WAIM: $11,000
    Profit: $10,400
    André finally feels he has a profitable side hustle he enjoys working on…

  • 6 months as a member

    Spent on WAIM: $600; Made with WAIM: $11,000; Profit:$10,400

    To expand his offerings, André also decides to take iPad Lettering for Beginners and learns how to add hand-lettered graphics to his stock photos for small businesses.

    He creates a new offering of photo packs specifically tailored to social media with hand-lettered graphics they can use for sales and special promotions. He also bundles these new graphics with his best-selling photo pack on his website and adds another $500/month to his revenue.

    Using the Debt Payoff Guide and Debt Payoff Roadmap saved to his dashboard, within one year André is able to pay down the remainder of his student loans—all with income he earned with his side business.

    André thought he’d be paying down those loans for the next ten years, but the products and community within WAIM helped him leverage his talents into a profitable (and scalable) business. Unlike his day job, now with every ounce of hard work he puts in, he’s able to reap the full rewards of that effort (along with his happy customers and clients.)

    After 12 months…
    Spent on WAIM: $1,200
    Made with WAIM: $32,000
    Profit: $30,800
    André finally considers himself a photographer AND an entrepreneur.

One year later…
André’s life & business have changed.

André is now:
  • On his way to running his photography business full-time
  • Debt free without the weight of those pesky loans
  • Able to see new business opportunities for his many skills everywhere he looks
Ready to write your own story?

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