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Making Peace With Your Contradictions

Caroline ZookCaroline Zook Caroline ZookCaroline Zook

Written by

Caroline Zook

Making Peace With Your Contradictions

Over on Instagram, I do my best to share the tiny insights and mantras that appear on my journey as I work to become the brightest version of myself (a journey that I’m well aware will never end, by the way.)

Many of these tiny wisdoms continue to pop into my head long after I type them in this email, gently guiding me along in my daily life.

However, for every moment that one of these ‘truths’ pops into my head and helps me move forward or overcome an obstacle, there is another moment when I encounter a situation and my core tells me to do something that’s completely in conflict with one of those truths.

Let me give you some examples…

Are you starting to see the struggle here?

I’m hoping that maybe I’m not alone in this. I’m hoping that maybe you too have experienced a time or two when you felt in contradiction with yourself.

This used to bother me a ton. Wavering on some of my own advice made me feel weak and undecided. Like I lacked faith in my own principles.

That’s when I have to remind myself, though, that there is no RIGHT answer to every situation—there is only what feels right and authentic to our core self.

More and more I’m realizing that there is often wisdom to be found on both sides of the street. The key is knowing when to cross over and explore the other side.

There’s so much good to be had in this world—there’s no shame in not wanting to choose sides.

People seem to like making a big stink about the word balance these days. “There’s no such thing as balance,” they say. Striving for balance causes us to pull our hair out over a state that doesn’t exist, they argue.

And while I can certainly agree with the point that true balance – that magical moment when all aspects of our lives are in perfect harmony together – does not exist, I don’t think that fact should disqualify it from being a great thing to strive for.

Now I’m learning to think of each of my contradictions is a huge swinging pendulum. There will be times when it swings to one side and times when it draws back to the other. The benefit to be found in balance, then, is not in the pursuit of some perfect equity between those two sides; the benefit is in the constant reassessment of each side. The constant evaluation of which of those truths will best serve your brightest self in whatever moment you find yourself in.

And that is how I’m able to make peace with my contradictions.

To realize that holding two contradicting beliefs at the same time doesn’t mean you’re weak or lack conviction. It means you look at life with an open mind, and that should be seen as a strength.

Our core beings and our lives are infinitely nuanced. There are no blanket statements, no universal truths, no one-size-fits-all wisdom.

Take what serves you, release what doesn’t, and allow yourself to view each new day as an evolution in itself.

I challenge you to make peace with your contradictions.

Give yourself permission to choose your truths as they serve you. Then, let go of the rest.

Making Peace With Your Contradictions

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This article written by

Caroline Zook

She/Her | Artist, designer + writer passionate about helping soulful creatives grow into their brightest selves. Lover of bright colors + even brighter people! One half of the crazy duo running these parts!

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