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How can I start my own creative business?

This is the question we get most often! While we’d love to get an email from you about it, we’ve taken the time to write some helpful and thoughtful articles that you should read first. Take a gander at Start A Business With No Money and No Ideas, that article will help you generate ideas, take your first step, and help you understand the exact tactics we used when getting started.


Can I be a guest on your podcast?

While we’re flattered, our show is not an interview show. Well, technically it is, because we interview each other on every episode, but we only own two microphones and the table we record at is WAYYY too small to fit another person.


Do you accept guest posts or guest articles?

We appreciate the interest, but we do not accept guest posts or article submissions for our site. We also don’t add links to our existing articles unless it’s a really really really great fit. You know, like how pants fit after you take them out of the dryer!


Do you want a lifetime supply of movie 🍿 popcorn??

Oh wow, YES! This would be amazing. Could you also include peanut butter M&Ms? Those are our favorite! But, if it's just an offer of the popcorn, we'll take it 🤝.

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