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How to Confidently Sell Your Offer (Without Feeling Gross)

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Do you ever find selling your products or services makes you feel uncomfortable, manipulative, or sleazy?

Many entrepreneurs share these fears when it comes to selling, but it doesn’t have to be that way! We have five tips to help you sell with confidence and authenticity.

Let’s transform selling from an icky and sleazy experience to a strategic and magnetic one.

Fuzzy Donut

Five Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Selling

Selling your product or service can often trigger fear and discomfort. Common fears include bothering your audience, the fear of rejection, reluctance to mention prices, and the perception that talking about money is impolite.

These fears are warranted, especially at the beginning stage of your journey, but it’s essential to overcome them to grow your business.

Redefining selling: Selling isn’t inherently manipulative or pushy.

It’s a necessary part of business and a transfer of enthusiasm. Instead of having negative feelings about selling, we want to help you aim for a strategic, magnetic, and authentic approach to selling.

By shifting your perspective to enthusiasm for what you offer, you can build a thriving business while maintaining your integrity!

Tip #1: Have confidence in your offer

YOUR enthusiasm for your offer is contagious. When you genuinely believe in your offer, it becomes easier to communicate its benefits to your audience.

Right now, today, are you excited about the thing you are selling? If the answer is NO, then that’s okay and it just means you need to hone your offer or find a new one. If the answer is YES, then pour that passion and excitement into your sales process, sales copy, sales page, etc.

Increase selling confidence


Tip #2: Let your customers do the raving for you

One way to sell is to make your offer so compelling and awesome that your audience tells other people about it. The other option is to proactively get your customers to talk about your offer on your behalf.

💬  Ask for testimonials: Many business owners think good testimonials (or reviews) will just fall in their lap. People are busy! In fact, when was the last time YOU went out of your way to send a testimonial or review to someone unprompted? Not often, yeah? That’s why you need to create a process for collecting testimonials and use them as social proof in your sales process.

🎁  Surprise and delight: Once a customer makes a purchase, the relationship isn’t over. In fact, immediately after a purchase happens you should plan to surprise and delight your customer in some way! In doing so, your customer will want to share that their expectations were exceeded.

🤝  Create a referral program: Whether you use a financial incentive (i.e. a 25% commission) or some sort of other reward (i.e. discounts on other products or access to other things), turning your customers into active referrers of your offer helps you sell less often!

Get customers to rave about you


Tip #3: Focus on the transformation

It’s really easy to focus on the “thing” you’ve created: Buy my productivity course!

What you SHOULD focus on is the transformation your thing creates: Work fewer hours, have less stress, and have more free time by learning my XYZ productivity system.

Keep your attention on the transformation your product or service offers. Remember why you’re passionate about what you’re selling and visualize the positive change it can bring to your customers’ lives. This focus on transformation can fuel your enthusiasm and more easily drive your selling efforts.

Focus on the transformation


Tip #4: Avoid the selling tactics that feel gross to you

For years we’ve watched new online business selling tactics pop up. Some of them we’ve found absolutely gross and some of them used and added to our sales-arsenal.

Selling gross vs not gross


Take some time today to identify tactics that make you feel uncomfortable and avoid using them. Then, make a list of the sales tactics you don’t mind using and prioritize those.

Everyone has their own boundaries, so it’s crucial to choose selling strategies that align with your values. Whether it’s pricing tactics, upsells, or marketing channels, do what feels authentic and comfortable for you.

Find the right sales tactics


Tip #5: Confidence increases with practice

Selling is a skill that takes practice. The more you engage in selling activities, the more confident you’ll become.

We like to think about viewing each selling opportunity as a chance to earn confidence points. Every sales email, social media mention, or pitch is a step toward greater confidence in selling.

If you can gamify the process of selling and get more practice at it, your confidence WILL increase over time!

Confidence takes practice


Green Shape

Make Selling Less Icky Wrap-Up!

Selling doesn’t have to be a negative experience. By following these five tips, you can sell your products or services with confidence, authenticity, and integrity.

Believe in your offer, let your customers advocate for you, focus on the transformation, avoid tactics that don’t align with your values, and keep practicing. With these strategies, you’ll transform your approach to selling and build a thriving business.

And finally, remember these 3 things the next time you are selling:

Remember that what you sell isn't for everyone
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