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Calm Business Encyclopedia

How to Overcome Perfectionism as a Creative Entrepreneur

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Are you constantly striving for perfection, only to find yourself stuck in the dangerous clutches of perfectionism?

We want you to avoid the 🚧 DANGER ZONES 🚧 of online biz and help you discover and embrace your 🌱 “GOOD ENOUGH” 🌱 space – that sweet spot where your work meets the expectations of your audience without being hindered by the pursuit of perfection.

Whether you’re creating videos, art, or launching an online course, finding your good enough space can be transformative for your creative process.

Content Creation Quality Spectrum


Green Shape

The Quality Spectrum of Work

All creative work exists on a quality spectrum, ranging from super low quality to super high quality. The crucial question is, where does your work land on this spectrum?

There are two DANGER ZONES to avoid on the quality spectrum of work

🚧 Danger Zone #1: Low-quality work that drives away your audience

🚧 Danzer Zone #2: Perfectionism which stifles your creativity and keeps you from publishing

As mentioned, the ideal place to exist is right in the middle at the GOOD ENOUGH space.

Your good enough space is not static; it can shift depending on where you are in your business journey.

Recognizing this is essential, as the importance of quality and quantity evolves as you progress through three stages.

Getting Started (Stage 1)

At this initial stage, your primary focus is getting comfortable with creating. Quantity takes precedence over quality at Stage 1. That doesn’t mean you pump out crappy content, it just means that you shouldn’t obsess over quality and should, instead, use quantity to help you move forward.

Your goal is to establish a base level of quality that is achievable within a set time frame. For example, if you’re creating YouTube videos, aim to publish one video per week within a maximum of 15 hours.

Once you feel like you’re ready to move out of the “Get Started” phase, it’s time for Stage 2.

Get Started Stage


Refining Your Voice (Stage 2)

As you gain experience, it’s time to shift into refining your voice and skill set.

In this second stage of creation, the emphasis is on both creating AND raising the quality bar. While the quantity may decrease, you are honing specific skills and applying them to your work.

For instance, if you’re creating YouTube videos, you might decrease the amount of videos your product and publish but start learning 3D motion graphics and applying them to your videos.

Improving Quality Stage


Optimizing and Scaling (Stage 3)

In this advanced stage in your creation journey, the goal is to balance quality and quantity while optimizing your workflow.

Your quality standard is determined by YOUR priorities and your ability to maintain a sustainable pace. It’s imperative you avoid getting stuck in the trappings of perfectionism, but embracing a higher quality standard is important at this stage.

For our ongoing YouTube creator example, you might focus on improving motion graphics AND storytelling while aiming to only produce one video per week (or month).

Optimizing and Scaling Stage



Defining Your Good Enough With Content Creation

To successfully navigate these stages, you need to define what “good enough” means for you in each one:

Stage 1 (Quantity):

Your good enough quality is set by your quantity constraint and available time. Your focus is on establishing consistency and a foundation for your work. Whatever number of things you can create on a schedule YOU can stick to is all that matters.

Stage 2 (Improving Skills):

Your good enough quality is set by the specific skills you aim to improve. Here, quality improvements may lead to a reduction in output and that’s okay! You want to get better at your craft, but you don’t want to fully disappear from the act of publishing.

Stage 3 (Optimize):

Your good enough quality is determined by your priorities and the cadence that suits your sustainability. Quality may fluctuate for aspects other than your top priorities.

Quality Standards Stages


Yellow Spiral

Quality Standards Wrap-Up!

Perfectionism can be a stifling force in your creative journey. By understanding that your quality standard can evolve across stages in your business journey and by identifying your good enough space, you can maintain the delicate balance between delivering quality work and avoiding the pitfalls of perfectionism.

Embrace your creative process, meet your audience’s expectations, and increase your skills by defining your quality standards at each stage of your calm business journey.

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