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3 Key Parts of Defining Your Brand and Business VIBE

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Designing a visual brand has never been easier, but unfortunately, that’s not a guarantee that your business is going to be memorable or carry any authority with your potential customers.

There are two additional elements you need to define BEYOND your brand visuals that will supercharge your brand and make sure you attract your ideal customer.


In this article, we’re going to reveal those two elements so you can make sure you have a COMPREHENSIVE brand strategy—one that attracts a small but mighty audience and lays the foundation for a business that feels 100% authentic to you.

Branding is the sum of the associations you create in the minds of your customers about your business. Here’s an example of what we hope comes to mind when you’re here at Wandering Aimfully:

When most people think of creating a brand, they immediately think logos, colors, fonts, and maybe some little creative doodads. Those visual elements ARE very important, but a powerful brand isn’t just about how your brand looks – it’s how your brand SPEAKS and how your brand BEHAVES.

Your brand is NOT just your logo and colors, it's how your brand speaks and behaves


This brings us to the THREE crucial components of branding, or a little something we like to call the 3 V’s of your Brand ✨Vibe✨.

Fuzzy Donut

Defining Your Brand Using The 3 V’s of Your Brand Vibe

Creating a clear ✨Vibe✨ isn’t just something trendy. You want to create a brand vibe to help your audience clearly understand who you are and if your business is the right fit to solve their problems.

The 3 V’s of defining your brand are as follows:

  1. Your brand visuals
  2. Your brand values
  3. Your brand voice

There’s plenty of information out there about creating great brand visuals, but we’d argue that your brand values and brand voice should actually be defined FIRST, so that you can match your brand visuals to these two intangible things.

Let’s dig into your brand VALUES and brand VOICE so you can leave this article with an idea of how to make your brand more attractive to your ideal audience!

We like to think of brand VALUES as simply how your business behaves

If your business was a person, what notable qualities would they have and how would these qualities guide their decisions? For our business, Wandering Aimfully, we have several brand values but we can boil it down to these basic five qualities:

Every decision we make in our business, from the type of content we create, to the things we decide to share, to HOW we structure things like our business accountability programs, all come back to these five words.

It’s the way our brand behaves that gives someone a clue about what we’re about and who we’re trying to attract.

While someone who encounters our brand may not be able to articulate those exact words directly, our customers have an idea of what we stand for because of the way our brand BEHAVES and how we show up online.

So now the question is… how does YOUR business behave?

🤔  What are your guiding principles?
🤔  What will your customers come to appreciate about you?

If you can define these values, you can use them as a decision filter for every choice you make in your business.

Your brand VALUES are what your brand stands for


Now let’s talk about the second V in defining your brand vibe: your brand VOICE.

How are you going to speak to your customers? Almost all of showing up online is based on communication. It’s website copy and social media captions, customer emails and YouTube scripts. And if you haven’t decided the tone of voice you’re going to use when you speak, you’re missing a huge opportunity to set a vibe for your brand.

For us, in everything we do, we try to come across as friendly, educational, laid back, and a little bit silly. We rarely communicate in extremes, though we definitely let our passion come through. We intentionally try not to be condescending or even authoritative (ain’t nobody ’round here trying to be a “thought leader” or a “guru” #nothankyou). Who else shares GIFs like this…

Jason Zook and Caroline Zook of Wandering Aimfully


We don’t position ourselves as business experts —instead, we like speaking as a couple of friends with a decade of online business experiments, who just want to share what has worked for them.

That is all BY DESIGN, and it’s why we’ve been able to amass 1,000+ paying customers for our un-boring coaching program while only having an email list of 11,000 subscribers and barely any presence on social media.

Your brand VOICE is how your brand speaks to your customers

Once you know your VALUES and your tone of VOICE, then you can make sure your visuals align with those qualities.

It’s not a coincidence that one of our brand values is FUN, that our tone of voice is as a friend, and that we use whimsical stickers and emojis in our brand visuals.

We use happy saturated brand colors that are close to primary colors which give our brand that educational, approachable feel, but we also combine them with gradients, and bold, black type to make our brand feel modern and cool.

Branding can make a HUGE difference in helping you attract customers, but you have to make sure you’re not stopping short at designing a logo and picking out some colors.

Branding is more than just your visuals


Really decide WHO you want to be as a business, who you want to attract, and how you can have that personality come through in everything you do.

The more confident, consistent, and intentional you can be with your choices, the more your customer will pick up on the VIBE you’re trying to create. And that, friends, is what a good brand will do!

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