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Before we drop you off in your brand spanking new member dashboard, would you like to take the grand tour?

Brand In A Box Bundle 🤳📸🎉

Ready to add some flare to that brand of yours?

Excited to FINALLY have some social media graphic templates that inspire and motivate you to post more often?

Have a new idea and don't want to waste hours paying a designer or scouring template sites?

Well, awesome WAIMer, we've got you covered with the Brand in a Box Bundle! Inside the bundle, you'll find a bevy of creative assets you can use, manipulate, change, customize, and enjoy!

Watch the tutorial video for instructions on using the files:


Here are the download links to the files & fonts:

Again, here's what's included in the bundle:

  • 10 unique brand design templates
  • Each template includes a logo, Google Font pairings, color palette and brand pattern
  • 25 square social media templates
  • 25 Instagram story templates

If you end up using one of the templates for your next project, make sure to share it with us in the WAIM Slack channel!

Have fun!