For 30 Days I’m Riding A Stationary Bike At My Standing Desk

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For 30 Days I’m Riding A Stationary Bike At My Standing Desk

I love a good 30-day challenge and riding a stationary bike for 30 days at my desk sounded weird and fun.
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Jason Zook

Starting February 4, I’ll be riding a stationary bike at my standing desk for 30 days. The goal? I’m not entirely sure.

I want to try having a stationary bike at my standing desk and commit to seeing what happens (and you know, writing about my findings or lack thereof).

Quickly jump to daily updates:

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 & 7 | Day 8 | Day 9 | Day 10 | Day 11 | Day 12 | Day 13 & 14 | Day 15 (coming tomorrow)

I’ve been a standing desk connoisseur (that’s what we standing desk users call ourselves) since 2015. I strongly believe that sitting is the new smoking* and it can’t be good for our bodies to be scrunched up into a tightly compacted ball for hours on end each day. Although, if you’re a Cirque de Soleil performer and sitting in a desk chair is how you are able to do what you do… keep on keepin’ on!

Extremely random and unimportant fact: I’ve never seen a Cirque show.

As the years have gone on I’ve wondered if there’s more I could do than just stand at my desk?

You know, get some additional health benefits (6-pack abs) by adding something else (hopefully 6-pack abs!) to the daily standing routine (plllleeeeeease abs!)

Sure, I could be one of those really fit people who set some sort of push-up or jumping jack alarm every hour (but… ew). I wanted to try something that didn’t feel like I was literally exercising for 8 hours each day. I wanted to get some sort of physical benefit from being at my desk while adding another 30-day experiment notch to my belt.

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Before we keep going I have to legally tell you that I have a sponsor for this 30-day stationary/standing/weird challenge. Well, do I legally have to tell you? I don’t think I do, but, now I feel like I’ve covered my soon-to-be-sore-from-biking-daily ass, so here we are. It’s time for the background color change so you actually read this next part…

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve gotten pretty good at getting sponsorships for various projects. There was IWearYourShirt, BuyMyLastName (twice), SponsorMyBook, a Trivia + Beer Roadtrip, a 90-day fitness challenge, and a handful of others. Yeah, I’m weird and oddly good at convincing people to sponsor my ideas (call me when Superman needs a vacation).

This 30-day challenge sponsorship came together over Twitter with this random tweet:

How these weird ideas tend to happen

Then after a handful of DMs and a few days later… BOOM… Dubsado is sponsoring this little experiment.

Okay, so who/what is Dubsado and should you care at all?

Well, I think you should care because I’m literally getting paid to tell you to care. Okay, I’m not really getting paid to do that. But, don’t you want to learn more about a company that was willing to sponsor a crazy/silly idea I had on Twitter??

Dubsado knows that running a business can be difficult, time consuming, stressful, and tedious. From administrative tasks, communicating with clients, bookkeeping, and organizing a calendar; entrepreneurs and business owners have a lot on their plate. To run a business, it may take multiple apps and softwares to do so efficiently.

Dubsado is a business management software that provides tools to simplify how people can run a business. Dubsado acts as a hub to running your business and ties multiple systems together to make running a business easier, smoother, and more efficient. Dubsado can save you time by automating different tasks and steps in your business to allow you to focus your time and energy into growing your business. In turn, a well-organized business has the potential to book more clients and develop stronger relationships with existing ones.

Thanks Dubsado team for sponsoring this!

Alright, with that little sponsor introduction outta the way (seriously though, thanks Jake and Dubsado team, you rock!), let’s jump into this experiment!


The preface

I Have No Idea What I’m Getting Myself Into, So This Should Be Fun!

I’m starting on February 4 and ending on March 5.

I’ll be riding for a few hours each day while I work at my desk. I’ll be writing a daily update in this post describing what happened.

Should I track calories burned each day? Miles ridden? Level of butt soreness (on a scale of 0 [meh] to 10 [I can’t wear pants])? Energy levels? Quality of sleep increase or decrease? Sex life improvement (or the opposite if I feel I need to start wearing those tight spandex bike shorts at my desk all day)??

What do you care to read about as I start writing daily updates throughout this challenge?

I’d love to know what you want to come back to read? It’s probably just how toned my butt is getting and maybe photos of me in skinny jeans? Or it’s calories burned each day, distance traveled, whatever.

The best way to reach me during this challenge will be via email or I decided to set up a simple text message forwarding thing.


If you have ideas about what I should track shoot me a text at 619-500-4770.

Bonus points if you text me your best butt puns 😅


I think I have a fitness tracker of some sort laying around. Or wait, did I sell that on eBay? I might have. Can my phone just track this if I keep it in my pocket while I stationary bike each day? The RunKeeper app is something I’ve used before. I think I’ll give that a shot?

Ahhh… the huge life questions I’ll be able to answer by the end of this 30-day challenge!

Oh, I bet you’re DYING to know which bike I’m going to be riding??

Not Jason Zook riding a stationary standing desk bike

(Note: That’s not me in the photo, I’d never be caught dead owning that rug or those curtains)

That’s the FLEXISPOT Home Office Standing Desk Exercise Bike Height Adjustable Cycle – Deskcise Pro and no, I didn’t in any way shape or form make that name up. That’s the real name. Also, that’s my Amazon aff link, so, yeah.

My favorite review on Amazon was one that said:

“the best part is, YOU DON’T EVEN FEEL LIKE WORKING OUT. And somehow it helps you to concentrate better. I guess because of the working out, my sleep improves as well. Not mention the pains from back. All in all, this thing changed my life!!”

I mean, c’mon! That’s gold. That’s a real recommendation folks. We’ll see if my life is changed in 30 days (again, meaning I end up with 6-pack abs).

It should be painfully obvious to you that I don’t take myself too seriously and I’m not going to try to set any ridiculous goals for this project. I simply want to see what happens each day and record my thoughts in this post. Feel free to bookmark this sucker, keep it open in the never-ending tab catacomb you have going, or get your VA to tell you soon as I publish a new daily entry here.

UPDATE: I remembered I bought my wife a simple wearable fitness tracker a year ago and low-and-behold it was still nestled away in her nightstand. I pulled that sucker out, plugged it in to charge, and voila! Still works! Tomorrow I’ll get a benchmark of my daily calories burned without the bike.

Very cheap fitness tracker from

BTWs: This is a very cheap fitness tracker, if you’re looking for one.


The… 2nd preface? (February 1)

The Beast Has Arrived and I’m Almost Ready To Ride My Buns Off!

And just to reiterate, by “ride my buns off” I mean casually ride this stationary bike each day and see what happens over the course of the next month.

I’m excited to share that the FLEXITRON 9000 arrived safe and sound. And yes, I know it’s not actually called the FLEXITRON 9000 but that name seems wayyyy cooler to me, so it’s what I’m going to use from here on out.

The bike has arrived!

Our dog Plaxico is not impressed

Stationary bike installed at standing desk for use

Jason Zook on the Flexitron 9000

What a dork, huh? I mean hunk. I totally meant to write hunk there.

Let’s have a look at my baseline fitness metrics (steps, calories, distance, heart rate, and sleep)

I wanted to have a “normal day” tracked to compare to as I go through this 30-day challenge. This day was fairly uneventful (read: no sexy grocery store trips) and included about 6-8 hours working at my standing desk. I went on one walk at the end of the day with my wife Caroline and our pup Plaxico.

That 10,000 steps goal was just the default one, so… cool? I’ll be super interested to see how riding the FLEXITRON 9000 impacts that daily goal.

Note on the sleep metrics: I typically wake up at 5am to feed our pup Plaxico and take him outside to do his biz-nass. The fitness tracker doesn’t account for the fact that I snuggle back into bed for another 2-3 hours. 🤷🏻‍♂️😴

Jason Zook's baseline fitness metrics

And now let’s look at the metrics from a day when I went to the gym

My normal workout routine involves super-setting weight exercises. If that sentence made no sense to you, the gist is that I get incredibly bored doing one weight exercise so I tend to do 2-3 in succession to avoid nodding off at the gym (never something you want to do, especially while lifting large metal objects).

It’s kind of fun to see the overall difference in steps, calories burned*, distance, average heart rate, and my sleep cycles. Almost nothing else changed between the baseline day and this day besides going to the gym. Oh, and I did the laundry, so that’s about 38 extra steps and +10 husband points! I believe all the scientists reading this will be proud of me.

*Admittedly I have no clue how this little fitness tracker I’m wearing is tracking calories burned. Is it a random calculation of things? Is it a completely made-up number? Who knows!

Jason Zook's normal gym day

Reminder: Monday (Feb 4) is the big start date and I love that there are already people who might join me on this experiment…

I see you Russ. I’m ready for you.


Day 1 – February 4th

Houston, We Have Some… Um… Numbness

Okay, here’s the honest truth: I haven’t ridden a bike in years. I don’t remember the feelings and bodily effects that go along with it and I ESPECIALLY don’t remember my… um… man-parts taking a nap mid-ride.

I’m not going to dive into details about my 🍆falling asleep during the first 20-minute “ride” this morning. Let’s just say that was quite unexpected and hello, tingles!

I am recording snippets of video each day to compile into a recap video at the end of this challenge. You can guess what I was chatting about at this exact moment:

My eggplant emoji fell asleep

Day 1 Bike Stats: 62 minutes of active pedaling, 14.13 miles ridden, and 341.2 calories burned

To reiterate what I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I’m not going for some big ambitious goal or thinking I’m going to get in the best shape of my life by riding a stationary bike at my desk. I’m also not riding the bike constantly every minute while I’m sitting on it or at my desk (I’m crazy, I’m not a serial killer!)

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised when I wrapped up my desk-time for the day and clicked through the stats tracked by the FLEXITRON 9000.

Day 1 on the Flexitron 9000

I mean it when I say it, these were the easiest 341 calories I’ve ever burned.

I rode for a consistent 20ish minutes after eating breakfast and drinking my morning coffee. During that time I…

Those aren’t the most mentally-tough tasks, obviously, but they are tasks that were completed while I was burning a few calories. The rest of the active riding time throughout the day came in random spurts here and there. Riding didn’t affect my work output AT ALL.

If I keep at this pace for all 30 days, I should ride a total of 420 miles and burn an extra 10,000+ calories this month.

Ummmmm, yeaaaaahhhhh! We’ll find out if I achieve those numbers but I’m fairly confident I’ll blow them out of the water (oh, early momentum and inspiration, you’re so neat!)

Seriously though, kind of cool to think about burning an extra 340 calories per day and not really even thinking about it. We’ll see what my 🍆 has to say about all this in a few days/weeks. Also, sorry not sorry for referring to my man-parts as an emoji throughout the next 29 days.

I didn’t plan on giving Dubsado (the sponsor) any love until mid-challenge, but this was unexpected and fun…

I received an email from the Dubsado team, which was just supposed to be about getting a nifty sticker for my bike, but come to find out this zany adventure I’m on has inspired their team to do something active:

Dubsado team takes on OrangeTheory

How fun is that?? My wife and I thoroughly enjoy OrangeTheory workout classes ourselves, so it’s cool that the entire Dubsado team is going to take a class. I asked for fun photos and video of them in action (you know, to share here for a very integrated but honest and tasteful sponsor callout).

Also, I got my first few text messages today and one of them was related and pun-tastic:

Dubsado crack team pun is punny

Reminder: You can text me thoughts/ideas/butt puns to 619-500-4770

Kudos to you, stranger from the Internet, who texted me a butt pun and a positive remark about getting paid to do weird things!

First bit of drama: I have very sweaty palms

Maybe the man-part numbness was the first bit of drama in this challenge? We can argue that later. However, for getting work done while riding the FLEXITRON 9000 I did notice that my palms started getting sweaty almost immediately. Even at a very, very relaxed riding speed, my hands decided it would be fun to perspire on my laptop.

You won’t believe what happened next, my laptop melted! Kidding! Kidding!

Jason Zooks sweaty palms

Nothing bad happened, it was just, kinda gross. I now have a microfiber towel (because I’m fancy and regular towels are beneath me) positioned neatly next to my laptop. For all my OCD fans out there, don’t worry, the towel is removed from my desk surface while not in use.

All-in-all, a pretty great first day! Weird… but great.

Because I’m not trying to Lance Armstrong this bike challenge (insert your favorite doping joke here), I see this as being a fun and fairly simple thing to add to my day.

I did have someone text message me giving me a heads-up on how to deal with chaffing. Hmmm… I guess that is a concern I should think about? Eh, let’s cross that bridge when we get to it, shall we?


Day 2 – February 5th

Why Yes, I Can Take Video Calls From My Stationary Bike

You may be on the edge of your seat (which should be a stationary bike seat) looking for an 🍆 update but alas there isn’t much news to report on that front. I mean, there’s plenty of news, lots of news, BIG news… wait, what were talking about? Oh yeah. I had my first video call while riding the bike at my desk.

Video chat with WAIM member, Mason

Everyone say hi to WAIM member, Mason!

Having the stationary bike for “boring” moments is great!

I had a scheduled video call with WAIM member Mason at 11:00am but I was on Zoom and ready at 10:50am. I blame this need to show up early on my high school basketball coach Mr. Smith who said what all coaches say:

“If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re early, you’re on time.” – Every coach, ever

Because I find myself showing up for calls and meetings early, being able to get 10 minutes of biking in is a much better use of my time than, say, scrolling through social media feeds or catching up on NBA trade rumors.

To me, this is a fun little life hack and one of the unintended outcomes I hoped to find during this challenge. Oh, I did hop off the bike once the call with Mason started. I have no intention of being the sweaty out of breath guy on video calls.

I only logged 10.6 miles on the bike today and I blame going to the gym.

I certainly didn’t ride a bike at the gym, that would just be plain silly. It was a pretty active workout and I pushed myself fairly hard for about 45 minutes with little rest. When I got home from the gym I wasn’t exhausted but I also wasn’t looking forward to hopping on the bike and continuing to exercise (or sweat).

I had a moment where I thought it would be funny to take a photo of “normal” people on stationary bikes at the gym. Then I felt like a creep for taking a photo of people working out. (Hence the emoji faces!)

Normal people riding stationary bikes at the gym

After eating something and taking a shower I found myself with no motivation to hop back on the bike for nearly 2 hours until I felt guilty that I hadn’t gotten back on the bike.

I’m not sure if it was just the hard workout I did today or the timing of the workout (late afternoon), but I’ll be sure to pay attention as this challenge moves forward if I’m less motivated to pedal out a few miles on days where I workout.

What do you want more of (or less of) in these daily updates? Shoot me a text at 619-500-4770 and let me know!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m feeling a little self-conscious about my lack of beating yesterday’s mileage so I’m going to move the bike into the living room while I watch TV.

Update two hours later: 4.03 more miles ridden! 😂

Late-night biking

Be honest, silliest thing you’ve seen today on the Internet??


Day 3 – February 6th

Undies or Bike Shorts?

You know the trope about people who work from home always wearing sweatpants? Well, sweatpants + biking = a lot more sweating. Today I found myself coming back from running an errand and because I’d put on “adult pants” to leave the house, I had to make the tough decision: Put on shorts or just… rock the undies.

Undies or bike shorts

I think if we’re both being honest with each other, why go through the effort of putting on bike shorts if I’m biking at home, completely alone?

Not that you asked but I absolutely loooooove my SAXX Underwear. This is not a sponsor mention by any means. I was recommended SAXX by a friend (Hi, Leah Lou!) a few years ago and I’ve never looked back. So many fun patterns to choose from and these undies are suuuuper comfy. Well worth the money, in my book.

Other folks are weird like me!

I received a DM on Slack from my buddy Kade and was pleased to find out he rocks the treadmill desk. I’d heard of the treadmill desk but had never known anyone to use it. Kade mentioned he enjoys the additional random exercise throughout the day but isn’t on it every working hour. #twinsies

Kade's treadmill desk

Do you have an interesting desk setup with a treadmill, bike, or some other weird apparatus? Let me know, I’d love to share it!

Today was the first day the stationary bike and I were separated from each other for most of the day.

My wife and I currently rent and the main house that our rental unit is attached to is going up for sale. As real estate people were getting ready to barge through our home I figured I’d be a nice person and try to hide the odd stationary bike. You know, trying to avoid the serial killer vibes. (Or maybe I shouldn’t have, if we don’t want to move? Maybe I should go all Step Brothers on them?)

Shout out to the FLEXITRON 9000 designers, this bad boy rolled smoothly from my desk area into the laundry room. I will say, it was a bit sad to see my poor bike nestled away in the dark corner of the laundry room.

Sad laundry room, is sad

Even though I was away from my desk for most of the day, I was able to knock out some pretty solid stats:

I feel like I can easily get to 500 calories burned each day as I get into a rhythm later in this challenge. Because I’m not riding for 77 straight minutes and instead breaking it up into 10-15 minute chunks, it really doesn’t feel like I’m pushing myself too hard.

Then again, I’m only on Day 3. We’ll see how I’m feeling a week from now.

What about you? Is this weird challenge inspiring you to do anything? Or not? 😂


Day 4 – February 7th

Dangit, I Only Rode For 5 Miles Today – Arrghh!

Have you ever had one of those days where EVERYTHING feels out of your control? Maybe a bit like life is 💩’ing on your face? That was me from 7am-10am today. Ugh.

Part of getting through my messy morning was to vent to Caroline and then to blow off steam at the gym. Sometimes you just have to: Step. Away. From. The. Laptop.


How I think riding the stationary bike is becoming part of my morning routine

A few years ago I decided to create a weird morning ritual. Since then, my morning routine has stayed fairly similar, looking something like this:

  1. Roll out of bed after looking at my phone for about 30 seconds*
  2. Make pour-over coffee while also whipping together breakfast (no technology for 5-10 minutes)
  3. Watch a YouTube video or two while eating breakfast/drinking coffee
  4. Spend 20-30 minutes catching up on Slack message and emails

*Normally I’d spend 5-10 minutes scrolling Instagram in bed, but because I’m currently off social media there’s nothing else to check on my phone.

Riding the bike while checking Slack messages and emails is perfect!

I’ve found that these simple tasks are easy to accomplish while putting the pedal to the metal (and by pedal to the metal, I mean putting my naked feet on the padded pedals and spinning at a very moderate pace). I can easily knock out email replies and Slack messages while not even thinking about burning a few morning calories.

Unfortunately, today’s only riding time was done during my morning routine. Womp. Womp.

I’m bummed I only rode for 22 minutes, a distance of 5 miles, and only an extra 140 calories burned. But…

As much as I wish I’d ridden a bit more, I did get a solid workout in at the gym AND did a 1.5-mile walk with Caroline to our favorite local coffee shop. The gym workout was how I blew off steam from the crappy start to my day. The coffee-walk was just quality time with the wife 😘.

I was bummed I didn’t get more riding done, however, not bummed that instead, you get this sexy slow-mo coffee drinking GIF from our walk (lucky you!):

Jason Zook drinking coffee, in slow-motion

I LOVE that this bike challenge inspired the Dubsado folks to do a team workout!

You may remember from Day 1 that the folks at Dubsado (who are lovingly sponsoring my weirdness) mentioned they were going to do a group OrangeTheory workout. Well, we now have photo proof of this awesomeness:

Team Dubsado at OrangeTheory

I was told they accrued 826 SPLAT points as a group! If you don’t know anything about OrangeTheory that means nothing to you at all. In fact, now I don’t want to explain SPLAT points and you can just let your imagination run wild. Either way, congrats Team Dubsado on getting yo sweat on!

Side-note, you guys look way happier than we do after an OrangeTheory workout…

Team Dubsado at OrangeTheory

Alright, if you need me, I’ll be dreaming of all the miles I’m going to ride tomorrow. Gotta make up for the lack of performance today!


Day 5 – February 8th

Who Doesn’t Eat Homemade Cookie Dough While Riding 26.49 Miles??

I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying sharing the small oddities of my days with you in these updates. I had no idea what I’d be sharing when I had the idea to write this daily journal so it feels natural to share glimpses of my silly life choices.

Now, clearly, you expected to read through this update and find a vegan cookie dough recipe, right? Yeah, you did!

Jason Zook’s homemade vegan cookie dough recipe… because, why the hell not?

  • 3 tablespoons flax seed + 1/2 cup hot water (combine and let sit for 15 minutes)
  • 1/4 cup vegan butter of your choosing (put in medium-sized mixing bowl)
  • Add 1 1/2 cups maple syrup sugar (you may use less or more depending on desired sweetness level)
  • Combine butter + maple sugar using a pastry blender or fork (if you’re a badass) – it should look like small balls of sand
  • Add flax + water mixture to butter + maple sand mixture (don’t mix yet)
  • Add 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • Mix everything together with a fork or spoon, it should have a pancake batter consistency
  • Add 2 1/2 cups oat flour (don’t mix in just yet, fancy pants)
  • Add 1 teaspoon celtic sea salt (definitely NOT table salt)
  • Add 1/3 cup vegan chocolate chips (go sugar-free if you can find ’em)
  • Mix thoroughly and taste (add more sugar if needed or more flour if too sweet)
  • Place bowl in freezer for 20-30 minutes (lick the fork/mixing utensil clean, obviously)
  • Remove from freezer and use cookie dough scooper to make cookie dough balls!
  • Keep the balls in the fridge for more doughy texture or in freezer for frozen texture
  • Scrape the mixing bowl clean while riding your stationary bike!


Everyone eats cookie dough while riding a stationary bike

And yes, this was a bad idea, my tummy hurt immediately 😅

These legs were made for riding! I put in 1 hour and 42 minutes, knocked out 26.49 miles, and burned 639 calories. Booyeah!

Earlier on in the day, before I gorged myself on vegan cookie dough, I went through my morning routine (as laid out yesterday) and spent about 30 minutes riding and knocking out emails.

I’m LOVING this. I feel super productive and that I’m getting a tiny bit of exercise and a small cardiovascular push at the same time.

I did try to ride while editing a video later on in the day and that didn’t go well at all. The more complex task had me starting and stopping my pedaling without even realizing I was slowing down. I’d be super-focused moving something around in Final Cut Pro X, only to look down and notice I’d stopped moving the pedals completely. Hmmm. I think I’ll stick to riding during the less mentally-intensive tasks.

Should I be wearing shoes while riding?

Today was the first day I felt myself wish I had my stationary bike with me to deal with more mundane moments in life.

The FLEXITRON 9000 is really becoming a nice time-waster for me. Whether it’s before hopping on calls, while taking small breaks throughout the day, or while lounging around and watching TV. It’s almost replacing the twitch to grab my phone and scroll through social media (reminder: I’m not on social media right now).

I accompanied Caroline to an awesome doctor’s visit today. No seriously, it was really great. I’ll ask her if she wants me to share more about it. For now, you can enjoy this photo of my legs wishing they were riding while we sat in the doctor’s waiting area.

These legs can't be held back!

Those are my rubber ducky socks, thank you for noticing.

Am I eventually going to wake up one day in pain, or nah?

I know I haven’t ridden the bike an insane amount these first few days. I think I’ll get to 100 total miles in this first week, which is only 2000% more than any previous week for years. I half-expected to have some soreness or to not want to ride… Instead, I’m finding the opposite. The um, 🍆 tingles still happen here and there though.

There’s no soreness. I’m burning some calories. I’m enjoying this!

But now the competitor in me is coming out. Once Monday rolls around and I have a tally of my total time, distance, and calories, I’ll have to beat it the following week. That could spell trouble.

Anyhoo, I’m off to enjoy the weekend. The next update will come on Monday (I’ll still be riding Saturday and Sunday and keeping track of the stats, don’t you worry your pretty head).

If you make the cookie dough recipe, text me and tell me what you think (bonus points if you send a photo!): 619-500-4770 🍪


Day 6 & 7 – February 9-10th

Week 1 Recap: My Daily Average Was 59 Minutes, 15 Miles Ridden, and 366 Calories Burned

If you would have told me a week ago that I’d be riding a bike at my desk for nearly one hour every day I don’t think I would have believed you. Sure, one hour is not a long time in the grand scheme of a day, but when was the last time you rode a stationary bike for one hour? Riding a stationary bike at a gym has always been god-awful. Like, stab me in the eye with a spatula, boring.

The overall totals for the first seven days: 414 minutes on the bike, 107 miles pedaled, and 2,561 calories burned.

Can I get a hell yes?? I feel pretty damn great that I burned an extra 2,561 calories and didn’t feel like it was too much extra work.

Jason Zook and Chris Evans are pizza pals

Thank you, Chris!

While my riding time wasn’t amazing over the weekend, I was happy to put in 27 miles and 96 minutes of biking time

I try not to spend much time at my desk on the weekend so it was actually more mental effort to think about pulling the bike into the living room for a quick ride. Lucky for me, watching basketball on TV has become another great time to hop on the bike.

Thanks to Duke and the Lakers, I was able to burn 642 calories. Instead of the, you know, zero calories I’d normally burn watching basketball games from the couch.

Jason Zook, the weekend warrior

I convinced Caroline to ride the FLEXITRON 9000 for the first time…

And she liked it! Not only did she like it, but she also mentioned she might try riding the bike when I’m not using it. Ugh, that’s totally going to force me to have to do math each day (obviously I can’t combine her time, miles, and cals with mine – a marriage only goes so far!)

Caroline Zook on the FLEXITRON 9000

I do miss being on social media right now for sharing things like Caroline mounting the bike for the first time 😅😂🤣

Of course, there are the boring moments during commercials when I’d rather be scrolling through Instagram, but I captured some fun moments when Caroline first got on the bike that would’ve been fun to share.

Don’t you worry though, I’m compiling a bunch of footage, clips, and other little moments for a full recap video once the 30 days are done.

For now, just know that I’m sharing most of the best stuff in these daily updates!

For the second week, what do you think I should strive for? Doubling the miles ridden and calories burned? Or…?


Day 8 – February 11th

Hmmm… That’s Not A Good Sound 🤔

My morning routine was in full effect and then about 15 minutes into my first pedaling sesh of the day I heard a weird sound…

Huh. That doesn’t seem good.

I crouched all around the FLEXITRON 9000, inspecting all the parts as if Sherlock Holmes himself was tending to this stationary bike mystery. What was I expecting to see? A random bolt sticking out that I could push back in place? No idea. All I know is that the bike is making a weird noise above 90 RPMs.

I hopped back on the bike a few times throughout the day and the noise came and went. Sometimes it sounded crunchy, sometimes more clicky. Gosh, I should write technical support manuals or something, huh?

Hi ma’am, yes I understand you’re having an issue. Is it a crunchy sound or clicky? Crunchy? Okay, let me transfer you to the crunchy support specialist on my team.

Crunchy sound and all, I rode for 63 minutes, 17 miles, and burned 418 calories.

I was thinking I’d try to hit 500 calories burned as a daily goal this second week but that didn’t happen today. I did, however, up the resistance on the bike for the first time… from -1 to 2 (out of 10) 😂

I’m not going to lie, the resistance setting of 2 was noticeably tougher than NEGATIVE ONE. When I looked down toward the end of the day and saw I still had 80ish calories to burn and my legs were feeling a little more tired than normal I decided just to call it for the day. Don’t judge me! I’m going to sleep on the idea of going back to -1 and continuing to have this challenge feel easy. Is that wrong?

Obviously, I’ll keep you posted on the resistance drama (and #CrunchyGate).

Shout out to Ruth Carter who emailed this “inspirational” photo. Truthfully, I love it.

Weird is good!

Ruth, you just get me!


Day 9 – February 12th

Trying To Up The Resistance Felt Too Much Like Working Out

More resistance was too much

As I mentioned yesterday I touched the resistance knob on the FLEXITRON 9000 for the first time. I made the humungous jump from -1 (the lowest setting) to 2, the first setting on the way to 9.

While I understand the need for additional resistance if you were using this as a full-time exercise bike, but that’s not what this bike is for me.

After 12 minutes trying to bike at the resistance level of 2 I found myself out of breath and sweating profusely.

Listen, I want to exercise through this challenge, but after 12 minutes I don’t want to feel tired. That’s a recipe for me not continuing to want to get on the bike each day. I gave myself permission to crank the resistance knob back down to -1 and proudly kept riding throughout the day without feeling a ton of strain.

500 calories? How about 639 calories burned on the bike today!

I spent 93 minutes on the bike and pedaled a solid 26.5 miles. A big portion of that time (probably half) was spent putting together our new WAIM Member welcome packages.

Jason Zook multitasking

Look at that sweet, sweet multitasking action! Riding the bike while assembling 22 packages was a great way to make the time go by quicker.

Not too much else to report today. Enjoying this challenge and looking forward to riding each day (not at the resistance level of 2 – haha).


Day 10 – February 13th

Battle Ropes, You Were A Bad Idea

I hadn’t been to the gym since last Thursday (almost a week ago). Part of me felt guilty because I like to get to the gym every 2-3 days, but then I remembered I burned an extra 2,500+ calories last week.

No doubt, I’ve had a little less energy each day since starting this challenge. Might need to add more protein to the diet? Or just MOAR COFFEE??

Heading into the gym today I was going to take it easy and not push myself too hard. Then I decided to finish the workout with battle ropes… What can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment.

During the battle ropes, looking good:

Jason Zook on the battle ropes

60 seconds later:

The battle ropes always win

Also, I have to mention there was a 143-year-old man (okay, he wasn’t THAT old, but he was old!) next to me while I was doing battle ropes. I kid you not, he did pushups for about 8 minutes straight. No breaks. I should’ve asked him what his secret was but I was honestly intimidated 😅🤷🏻‍♂️.

Even with the battle ropes I was still able to hit the daily 500 calorie goal! 74 minutes, 21 miles, and 509 calories burned.

I did 90% of my biking today before my workout, lucky for me I had a lot of admin-esque tasks today that were perfect for biking. One of which was finishing up our Wandering Aimfully Membership Test Drive (which you can find in many places on this site… If you can’t find it, I’ve done a terrible job!)

Not going lie, I’m a bit nervous of how my legs are going to feel tomorrow. Or maybe I should be more nervous about my inner thighs? We’ll find out!


Day 11 – February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day To My Thighs And Glutes!

I would’ve loved to share some dramatic update where I could barely move my legs and therefore didn’t accomplish my riding goal today BUT I’M A BOSS! Well, that, and, I’m still only riding a stationary bike with a resistance setting of -1. #beinghonestwithmyself

I’m assuming you’ve seen one of those ridiculous Peloton commercials by now? It’s not so much the bike they use is ridiculous, it’s that everyone lives in the NICEST house ever in those commercials.

Shoot me a text if you’ve seen those unrelatable Peloton commercials and also rolled your eyes: 619-500-4770

I may not fit in one of those Peloton commercials just yet (close though!)

Jason Zook vs Peloton

I may not be worthy of the Peloton life, but I did knock out another 97 minutes of riding time, 26.5 miles, and 639 calories. Woot!

This was one of those work days when I went pretty deep on one task. Not sure if you can relate, but it was a rainy day and usually those are days when I can get locked-in on work and stay free from distractions.

One of the to-do items I’ve been putting off for quite a while is playing around with RightMessage here on the Wandering Aimfully website. Essentially the goal is to add personalization to copy and calls to action, specifically related to the new WAIM Test Drive experience we created. I’ll be doing an in-depth breakdown on RightMessage and how extremely rad it is very soon (also, shout out to their fantastic customer service – thanks Dana!)

Rainy day, productive day

And sometimes you just have to troll your customers 😬😆

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

Today was Valentine’s Day and while we aren’t a big “Hallmark holiday” family we did cosy up on the catch and watch the amazing documentary Free Solo. Wow. Wow. Wow.

I can’t say enough great things about the doc, but also the feat of strength (mental and physical) that you see unfold from Alex Honnold. If you haven’t seen it, consider paying for it on iTunes. It’s a movie that absolutely deserves your dollars.

Watching Free Solo Documentary

Oh, and if you were wondering, no, I’m not allowed to complain about my sore butt after watching an accomplishment like free soloing El Capitan.

But… my glutes were sore today. 🤣


Day 12 – February 15th

I Missed Today’s Biking Calorie Goal But Crushed My Overall Calories Burned

The past few weeks have been incredibly difficult on Caroline. She’s been battling some really rough anxiety. Not the kind of anxiety you feel for a few minutes but the kind that keeps you in bed and unable to focus on anything without feeling dizzy (for hours and hours and hours).

Each day is its own journey and we’ve been trying to go for short walks when she’s feeling motivated.

Today was the furthest we’ve walked (around 3-4 miles) and overall the best she’s felt on a walk. Yay for small victories!

Soaking up some gratitude Jason and Caroline Zook

I’d already done my morning biking while knocking out emails and Slack messages but after the 3-4ish-mile walk I didn’t feel like jumping back on the bike. I did, however, get some motivation to go to the gym. Maybe I just didn’t want my 🍆 to fall asleep??

February 15th steps

I’m not sure I can trust my cheap fitness tracker.

The other day we went for a long walk and I didn’t get close to hitting my 10,000 steps goal. I think I was at around 4,000 steps at the end of the day. Today, over 12,500 steps. Hmmmm. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, you get what you pay for!

I did burn 409 calories in 61 minutes (17 miles) on the bike. Along with a gym workout and a 3-4 mile walk.

Even though I was close to the biking calorie goal, I probably burned the most calories today that I’ve burned in a loooong time. My conservative estimate is:

In case you were wondering where the heck I got that 3,095 number, I googled a “daily calorie burn calculator” and added my personal stats for a general idea (none of these calculators are perfect). I used the first Google result – feel free to see what your daily calorie burn is!

Daily metabolic calorie burn for Jason Zook

So yeah, I didn’t hit my 500-calorie goal on the bike, but I think I’ve justified that. Hahah. No idea why I felt the need to do draw that out so much. Did you care? Probably not.

That is a fun benefit of doing a daily journal like this. You feel accountable to the people (YOU) who are reading and you want to stick to what you set out to do. Thank you for that, I guess 😘.

I’m off to enjoy the weekend and will still be riding! Go out there and get some exercise, friend.


Day 13 & 14 – February 16-17th

Week 2 Recap: My Daily Average Was 76 Minutes, 21 Miles Ridden, and 518 Calories Burned

Wahhhhhoooooooo! My goal during the second week was to try to average 500 calories per day and I made it happen. Not only did I make it happen but I really am enjoying this challenge (especially after giving myself permission to stay at the lowest resistance setting).

I burned an extra 3,626 calories by riding 150 miles in 531 minutes. Total miles since I started: 257 💪🏼

Listen, I’ll be the first to admit I know this challenge isn’t going to give me shredded abs (a girl can dream, right??) Even though I’m not going to make a big physical change, I’m loving that I don’t hate this challenge. In fact, I can already tell I’m going to keep riding the bike as part of my morning routine.

If nothing else, I know I’ll continue to ride the bike daily for at least 30 minutes once this challenge is over.

To me, that’s a sign of a successful challenge: When you know you’ve tried something that can turn into a healthy habit and bring value to your life!

Speaking of healthy, I treated myself to some delicious vegan cookies tonight.

Vegan chocolate chip cookies!

This is the recipe if you want to try ’em out!

If you’re wondering why I made actual cookies instead of the vegan cookie dough I mentioned last week, it’s because we have a little bit of news to celebrate.

We found a new place to live and will be moving in a few weeks! 🎉👯‍♀️

Long story made short we aren’t moving too far, only about 9 miles from where we currently live. We’ve been renting for the past few years since moving to California and that trend will continue in our new place. The celebratory part of this is that it’s nerve-wracking to find modern/updated properties for rent in our area.

I’ll share photos of the place once we get back in there and the updates have been finished. Here’s a sneak peek of us seeing the place for the first time (while still under construction):

Our new home... almost!

Oh, and you better believe we’ve already been building a Pinterest board and mood board to make the space feel fun, unique, and our very own.

I think this will be a nice breath of fresh air to move on from our current place, even though it was great for us. A fresh start can go a looonnnng way.

Pinterest boards, galore.

You might be wondering how I managed to still fit in at least 60 minutes of biking each day while expending tons of mental effort on a potential move…? Well, I’m just a badass I guess. Jk. Jk.

This challenge is really showing me that 60 minutes of extra activity per day isn’t that hard when you pick an activity you can do over and over (without hating your life!)

So, what should my goal be for this week? 750 calories per day? 30 miles per day? Something else?

I’d love to hear from you. Shoot me a text message at 619-500-4770 and let me know what you think I should strive for this week!


Day 15 – February 18th

Check back tomorrow for this update…

For 30 Days I’m Riding A Stationary Bike At My Standing Desk

(Big Fat Takeaway)

I love doing random experiments and hope you enjoy following along! Feel free to text message me with your stationary bike questions or thoughts: 619-500-4770.


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Co-head-hancho of this Wandering Aimfully thing. I used to wear t-shirts for a living, now I just wear them because I'm not a nudist. You can usually find me baking vegan biscuits, watching Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, or reading Calvin & Hobbes comics. Also, I miss my GeoCities website that was dedicated to Dragon Ball Z.

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