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Our Current Marketing Strategy And The Future Of Marketing

Episode 006

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Episode Summary

Marketing can be something you enjoy or the part of your business you absolutely loathe (and most likely avoid). In this episode, we break down the marketing strategies we’ve used for the past few years. Spoiler alert: Email marketing has been THE BEST form of promotion for us and we’ll share why we think it’s the marketing tactic YOU should focus on the most.

We don’t stop there though, we also talk about where social media fits into marketing and where we think marketing is going in the future.

We recommend reading our Audience Building Guide to learn our exact email marketing strategies!

If you’re someone who struggles to promote your product or service, we hope this episode gives you lots of stuff to chew on. We also hope it provides you with some clarity and new thoughts when it comes to getting people to buy your stuff!

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Our Current Marketing Strategy And The Future Of Marketing

(Big Fat Takeaway)

Marketing your product or service shouldn't be something you avoid. Focus on building trust before trying to make the sale. Stand out from your competition by doing things differently and people will do your marketing for you.

Our Current Marketing Strategy And The Future Of Marketing

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